Friday, 13 April 2018

Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3-1 Cleansing Water

Hi guys ! Happy Friday . How has YOUR week been ? Mine has been CRAZY busy but luckily it's weekend . Except if you like me work on a Saturday. 

Two weeks ago Rubybox was kind enough to send me the Nivea Micellar Water to test and review for you guys. I use Micellar water every single night to remove my make-up before using a cleanser / cleansing balm to remove almost all of my make-up . I find Micellar waters an essential step in my routine to remove make-up (as I prefer to first make sure ALL my make-up is gone so I know my skincare products can do their job )

The Nivea Micellar water claims to clean the skin , gently remove make-up , refreshes and tone the skin leaving you with a radiant appearance. The mildest way to deeply cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin with just one gentle sweep to reveal your natural, even radiance. Nivea® Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3 in 1 cleansing water with vitamin E cleanses effectively, yet gently traps even the smallest particles of dirt and make-up like a magnet.

The Nivea Micellar water is gentle enough to not sting my eyes ( I have extremely sensitive eyes so I can't use any Micellar water to remove eye make-up though ) but tough enough to remove even waterproof mascara. On nights that I had an extremely busy day and just want to get into bed - I have used just the Micellar Water to clean my skin and I'm good to go to bed (after using some moisturiser ... I'm not that savage yet ... ) 

I feel this is also an extremely good solution for those living in Cape Town with the drought - it does an AMAZING job of removing make-up and cleansing your skin without water - which is ALWAYS a bonus. 

If you'd like to see my video of the product in action you can jump over to my Twitter page and watch the video HERE .

The Micellar water retails for R99,95 at leading retailers.  

How was YOUR week ? Do you like to use Micellar Water ? Which is your favourites brand ?

Even though the product was sent for review all thoughts and opinions are my own 


  1. Thanks a lot :D

    sounds great my friend :) I need to try!

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  2. So cool products!!
    thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Пользуюсь такой мицеляркой уже давно, очень ей довольна!)

  4. Me encantaria probar todo esto!!!Feliz fin de semana precios@!!!❤💛💙

  5. Great post!

  6. Love make-up remover products that don't sting the eyes. This looks like a winner!

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  9. Such a nice product
    I love nivea

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  10. Wonderful review, dear! Happy weekend!

  11. I have got my perfect product, unfortunately I hadn't got this one :)

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  12. Awesome, I will watch the video. Yes this would be a great choice for us living in Cape Town. Will definitely check it out. 💞

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