Monday, 27 August 2012

Avon : Daring

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and hopefully a stunning stress free week ahead . ♥

Today I'm showing you guys another nail polish from Avon's Colortrend State of Mind Range. This one is a blue jelly called Daring .

First off , I have to say, I LOVE the brush on these nail polishes. This colour however did need some "undies" since it was very sheer. I used two coats of Tip Top Twilight underneath two coats of Avon Daring. I just love the silver glitter in this jelly-based colour. Looks like a calming ocean. It was however a little streaky , the top coat did help smooth it out a little.
The colour in the bottle close- up ♥
Isn't this just a fun light blue sparkling colour ?


  1. loved this shade of blue

    am officially following your blog by mail

    just love it so much

    1. Thanks for following the blog ♥ This is a stunning shade of blue :)