Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Avon : Vivid Violet

Hi guys ! Finally it's Wednesday ! Yeah ! Luckily this means we are getting closer to the weekend :)

So today I have an awesome nail polish to show you guys from Avon. This one is a bright vivid Violet, and is ironically called Vivid Violet. It's a stunning shade, and a def must have for anyone who loves purple nail polish !

This polish applied like a dream. Was a little scared after the first coat, as it was a little streaky, but putting on the second coat evened this polish right out. The polish only needed two coats to be opaque. This polish does have a very nice shimmer to it too.

The only downside to this polish, was getting it to photograph well. I couldn't get even ONE photo indoors, so after trying everywhere, I decided to try taking some photos outside. I think the shimmer was a little bit camera shy, but had no issues taking photos outside.

Isn't this just a gorgeous colour ?? ♥


  1. Yes, it's indeed a lovely colour. And so vibrant ☻

  2. perfect color for all seasons
    by the way you have great nails

    check out my blog :-

    1. Thanks :) Yes , it's a lovely colour for all the seasons.