Thursday, 13 September 2012

Blogger Spotlight : ♥ ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is having a fab week so far !! It's almost weekend ! Yeah !

Tonight I'm sharing some more info on one of the blogs I pop into from time to time. She's also become a very special blogger friend of mine over the last couple of weeks. It's great to chat to another blogger who loves to blog and share her passions with all her viewers♥

Today my blogger spotlight will focus on very special blog : The Art of L!fe

This special lady lives in the Middle East, and is currently a student who's in her 3rd year.

Her inspiration for her blog is everything in our daily lives, as she sees all the things as art. She loves fashion, poems (her poems are really good, if you love poetry ) , cooking , and blogging . ♥

So let me share some of my favourite posts from this dear friend -

In this post she shares what the basics should be before you head out for the day ♥ Just click here for the full blogpost Must have in Every Girl's Handbag

Wow, I have to say she's got great fashion sense, this is something I would wear myself. She gives great fashion tips if I do say so myself. She is really great at trend spotting, and putting great outfits together. Click on this link to see for yourself  : Classic Fall Color Outfit . I was even inspired to jazz my wardrobe up a bit ♥

If you love poems, you'll love her poems. She's a fantastic poetry writer, as this poem about a moment of weakness and strenght shows. To read the full poem , click here :) Fearless Tears Poem

She also blogs about art, a subject very close to my heart. I LOVE being creative, so seeing someone who blogs about creative subjects like these, really draws my interest . Here is the link to read more about some of her art related blog posts : Semi Real Oil Paintings

I love how she shared her awesome looking jewellery boxes in this post. It's a great idea to store jewellery and other special trinkets, and they add to the decor of your room too. All in the box ♥
VEGETARIAN PIZZA She also shares fantastic recipes ! How delicious does this veggie pizza look ? She even shares quick and easy recipes, for when you need to get dinner on the table as soon as possible ! And her recipes are healthy too, and yummy ! I made this pizza at home too, following her recipe , and it turned out great.  To try it out yourself, click on this link here... Vegetarian Pizza

Royal Strawberry Cheese Cake:
Like I mentioned above, she really shares awesome recipes. Here is a dessert recipe, I mean who can resist some yummy cheesecake! I love how easy she gives her step by step instructions . ♥ To get the recipe to try at home , here's the link : Strawberry Cheesecake

She really has tons of fantastic poems, recipes, as well as fashion and make-up posts. Remember to pop onto her page too, and read more about this wonderful lady as she shares all her tips ♥

I'm sure her blog and fan base will blossom really soon ♥ She's really a friendly lady, with a fantastic sense of seeing things in life in an unique and interesting light.

Hope you guys will enjoy her blog just as much as I do ♥ Here's to many more blogposts my dear friend . :)


  1. Wow ! Her recipes does look yummy ! Popped onto her page

  2. wow ....
    such a great surprise to see what have you wrote in here about my blog & me !!

    am truly speechless ,,,,
    you certainly made my day by just reading this

    thanks my friend Lynette am honored truly by your amazing words & publicity hee hee ..

    thanks again ...
    wish you to best of luck ..
    you have an amazing blog too .

    stay safe

    N@NY .....