Saturday, 8 September 2012

Red with Silver Glitter Tips Matte

Hi guys ! Hope everyone is having a fun weekend so far ! Mine is nice and relaxing :)

Last night I got an email request from Amber, asking to please make the mani I showed on Friday Red and Silver Glitter Tips ♥ , matte .

So here there is the mani matte -
Which version did I love the most ? I loved how the matte toned down the red a little, so I have to say prefer the matte version a little here ♥

I also added the blogs I love on the sidebar, feel free to have a look at those blogs too. All off them are international blogs, but they have some awesome ideas ideas to share, as well as some awesome techniques.


  1. wow cherry bomb nail colors for sure
    loved the idea of this post
    am gonna try it really soon with a silk black dress will look so royal ..
    thanks Lynette

    oh i saw my blog on the side bar what a great surprise thanks for adding me

    1. It's a pleasure :)

      Glad you loved this mani, can't wait to see you trying out something similar soon. ♥

  2. I love the matte version more for some reason, I think the red looks better matte personally, but I don't wear reds, so thats propaly why.

    1. I love this matte version more too, I'm also not a big fan of red cremes,but this makes it more wearable for me too.