Friday, 18 January 2013

Spa-Valous Candle - Patchouli & Jasmine

Hi guys ! It's Friday ! Whoohoo ! This week has really been super busy and WAY too long !

Today I'm showing you a something special to treat yourself to when you do a mani. (or need a massage for that matter ! )

So for those of you who have no idea what a Spa-Valous massage candle is .. let me give you the low down -  The luxurious Spa-Valous Massage Candle is a candle with a twist. It's a Candle, Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Body Balm....... all in one!

The scent I got to test out was Patchouli & Jasmine , and let me tell you , it's amazing . The scent isn't overbearing strong, and not too subtle either. It really has the perfect balance.

So how does the candle work ? You light up the candle, let it burn until the wax turns oily. Then you use the oil as a massage oil, it's really SUPER moisturising and relaxing. I love doing this as a weekly special "ME" time treat , it really dehydrates your hands and cuticles.  This is genuinely a pick me up for dry and tired skin. Note that the oil is just a few degrees hotter than body temperature and WON'T burn you !

I'm now only nearing the candle getting finished (and I got this in November ) , as I wanted to test it out for a longer time before writing up the review. This candle is really magical, and the scent really relaxing ! A genuine mind and body relaxer !

It also comes in 7 different scents, and I'm sure all will smell just as fantastic as this one. The next one on my list to try out will be the Lavender and Ginger one. ♥

So my final verdict on this baby - 5/5 ! Really worth every cent to invest in one of these candles. Your hands feel truly moisturised, and even tried this on my mom who had knee surgery and still experiences pains, the smell helps her relax, and the warm oil helps relieve muscles aches and pains.

Feel free to go check out their facebook page - SpaValousMassageCandles to read more about these magical candles or to order one to try out yourself !

Have you tried one of these candles before ? Or any other soya based massage candle ?

 * This product was sent to me to review*


  1. I'm actaully a fan of their facebook page, but wasn't sure if the product was actaully something I would be intrested in. The fragrance sounds intresting too, since you mention the smell isn't overpowering. I will def get myself one now !

    1. It's really worth investing in Amanda. Hope you love these candles too !

  2. Looks like such an intresting consept ! *CINDY*



    1. Really a great and usefull candle to own ♥

  4. I have had a few soy based massage candles like this... i always end up with something food scented ( vanilla, chocolate, etc) and it makes me :)

  5. Second pic is so tantra-calling haha! I have a scented candles collection too. Love all natural flavours to put on the skin, gotta check this site out.

    1. Lol tantra calling . :) All the scents are natural scents, they even have a special one for babies, as well as pregnant mommies too

  6. It's really worth it to invest in these candles ♥

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