Monday, 26 August 2013

Mini Mouse Inspired Skittlette

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fun weekend ! I sure did ... I started of by thinking Friday morning was actually Thursday ... Hee hee hee.

Today I'm showing you a fun Mini Mouse Inspired Skittlette. I REALLY loved this mani and wore if for 5 days straight ! 

The pinky finger is two coats of OPI Liquid Sand The Impossible with a Rectangular Nail Stud
The ring and index finger was 1 coat of If You Moust , You Moust , dotted with OPI Alpine Snow
The middle finger was one coat of The Colour of Minnie , and I dotted mickey mouse designs on them with a black nail polish.
The thumb was one coat of If You Moust , You Moust ,topped with Nothin Mousie Bout it . (A fun glitter with hearts in *swoons*)

Let me share this fun mani with you -

I love Minnie Mouse so much ... So I had so much fun creating this gorgeous design. 

Here's the lovely OPI Polishes I used -

I hope this mani will brighten your Monday 


  1. Wow such a gorgeous design looks amazing *peter*

  2. Seriously sooo cute Lynn !! WOWI !! Love the red nail with the mini mouse accents.

  3. This manicure is oozing pink cuteness. Love it so much. You are amazing!:-)

  4. Gorgeous as always Lynn !! *Cindy*

  5. I love this!!!! I love minnie, I love pink, how could I not!!

  6. LOVE IT! What a creative cute idea! and I dore the result with those different sizes dots and the mouse face shapes..perfect Minnie Mouse style!

    1. Thanks so much Ghila. I loe the different sized dots.. They def made a impact.

  7. I don't know how I missed this post but it is SO gorgeous!!!! Polka dots + THE IMPOSSIBLE + minnie's + pink polish = perfection man!!!!