Friday, 11 October 2013

Purple Stud Mani

Hi guys ! It's finally weekend ! Whoohoo ! I'm planning to finish my craft project and visit my friend and new baby in hospital as well as just chill and relax a bit especially since we had some power issues last night again.

As I mentioned before.. I love using studs in mani's. It gives it such an awesome edgy look without even trying to hard. Today I'm sharing a fun purple skittlette with you using a KkCenterHK studs . They have an awesome range of studs and nail art goodies, and they ship worldwide too . 

Today I'm showing you their NNAIL Studs Rectangle Laser Purple 5mmX3mm Nail studs I love how the stud gives it such a fun look without going over the top . These studs also lie flat on the nail, so they won't get caught in your hair or clothes. To put them on I paint the second coat of polish, and lightly press down the stud and seal with top coat. And voila ! This keeps the stud in place without the need for nail glue.

I love how neat these studs look... It shines a rainbow of colours in different light ... So they will work with any colour nail polish too. 

Let me share this fun purple mani with you -

For this mani I used -
Pinky and thumb - Nails Inc Bloomsbury Square
Ring Finger - OPI Alpine Snow with theRectangle Laser Purple 5mmX3mm Stud from the KkCenterhHK store
Middle and Index finger - Tip Top Fairy Dust

Do you like using studs ? Any fun weekend plans ??

*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion* 


  1. The thumb and pinky colour is soooo cool ! LOVE the colour !! WOW WOW WOW ! And the stud compliments this perfectly .

  2. Goodness this is gorgeous. Those studs are sooo pretty and you paired them so well. Love this!

  3. such a cute mani sweetie ,,


  4. stunning. I love the ring finger :')

  5. omg I'm in love with the pinky and thumb one!! i neeeeeeeeeeed it!

  6. I am loving this! The nails inc purple rocks on you.
    I've used studs once but they didn't sit flat so that was a flop. I like how studs look on people but not on myself

    1. Thanks Voni. I love studs... I'm glad this is anotherbrand where the studs really lie flat, they dont get caught on clothes ect

  7. Amazing nails. Following you on gfc.
    Fashion Talks

  8. I love everything about this mani Lynn! The Nails Inc. polish, the studs, the skittlette! Stunning! But seriously, those studs are out of this world pretty!