Monday, 9 March 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer & Lipsticks

Hi guys ! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing for a change. 

Revlon recently launched some new awesome lip products, The Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquers and Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks, and today I'm sharing three swatches of each, as well as why I love them .

*Each swatch is just one swipe of product *

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer

These awesome lip lacquers are formulated with a gel formula high gloss shine . The formula has a light feel, while the colour is SUPER pigmented . My favourite part of these glosses - they are EXTREMELY moisturising . Even after the colour had faded, my lips still feel moisturised . These has a brush applicator . And let's be real - the little crystal on the top looks extremely fancy to take out when out and about. 

The three shades I have :
HD Strawberry Topaz - the gorgeous strawberry red
HD Tourmaline - a bright pink Barbie pink
HD Smokey Topaz - a gorgeous nude

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick
Okay so I have to admit - I'm SUPER picky when it comes to lipsticks - my lips are SUPER sensitive. These Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks are wax free - and doesn't irritate my lips at all. The formula is super creamy - yet opaque and comfortable on the lips. And it smells like vanilla and mango - Yum ! 

The three shades I have :
HD Peony - A gorgeous light pink
HD Geranium - A stunning coral shade
HD Azalea - A perfect fuchsia pink

I have to say,these lipsticks has a downside - You have to close the lids carefully , or it will chip away a little bit of the lipstick- my HD Azalea got chipped like that in the progress of taking photos.  As you can see in my photo above - they are turned down all the way and a little bit of the lipsticks are still visible - making . 

Both these Ultra HD Lip Lacquers & HD Lipsticks retail for R145 

Have you tried any of these lipsticks or lip lacquers ? 
*This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*


  1. Wow, I am so impressed with the pigmentation. These look beautiful! I am definitely loving that bold pink.

  2. Damn those lipglosses are PIGMENTED !! WOW !!! They look sooo pretty though.. Will need a few !

  3. HD Peony looks GORGEOUS !!! WOW ! I need that /

  4. The strawberry red is beautiful! Rebecca | xx

  5. Have to agree, these are gorgeous

  6. These look stunning! I am loving the pigmentation of the glosses ;-)

  7. Wow, these lacquer lipsticks have amazing shades :)

  8. I don't wear liquid lip products anymore, so I never tried the HD lip lacquers, but I am fond of the HD lipsticks! The texture is so moisturizing and creamy. I know what you mean about having to close the cap carefully; it really is so annoying how the lipstick doesn't come all the way down, so the cap always hits it. I try to be careful but you know sometimes accident happens. Lol.

    1. YES ! It's super annoying cause no one wants to harm the lipstick, but sometimes you don't want to sit and magicly glide on the lid. lol

  9. I love the Smokey Topaz shade! These look gorgeous, great post:)

  10. These all look beautiful, Peony is my favourite shade!

    Rebecca Coco

  11. wooow fab shades for the lips ,, love em all