Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Essence Pink & Perfect

Hi guys ! Happy Tuesday ! And happy 1st of December . The Christmas season is really my favourite time of year, spending some extra time with family and friends, and rewinding after a crazy year.

A little while ago Essence released the most epic Merry Berry Limited Edition collection. As always with ANY Essence Limited Edition - the goodies are AMAZING ! I got myself the highlighter, hair fragrance , eyeshadow and this gorgeous polish from the range {as seen on my Instagram photo}. If there is ANYTHING in this collection that caught your eye - run and snag it up before it's all gone.  I fell in love the minute I saw a swatch of this online and knew this was a pinkish / purple I needed. 

First off - How GORGEOUS is the polish bottle. It looks so elegant and classy . The polish is SUPER pigmented , I could have easily gotten away with one coat , but as always used two. The polish applied like butter , and the colour for me screams Christmas ( I'm not a huge fan of red nail polish )

So onto the gorgeous colour of Essence Pink & Perfect ( Which in my honest opinion - is perfect )

What did you get from this collection ? What is your favourite colour nail polish for Christmas ?


  1. Oh wow that shade is so pretty!! I am loving this collection well atleast what I have

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Really pretty nails! I followed you on GFC I hope you will follow back too.
    Lush Life | Styleccentric Fashion'

  3. I love this nail polish and your manicure is absolutely perfect ;-)

  4. This shade of your new nail polish is absolutely amazing, I really like it :)


  5. Cute bottle :)
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    Maria V.