Thursday, 4 February 2016

L'oreal Infallible Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Hi guys ! Happy Thursday. Hope you have been having a great week, mine was and is busy, but next week I'll be back to my three posts a week schedule. Yeah !

Today I'm sharing three swatches of the L'oreal Infallible Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polishes with you as well as my thoughts on these polishes. These are actually the first dual sided nail polishes that was easy to use . usually you can't remove the bottle completely and get stuck with holding the heavy middle part to paint your nails. The L'oreal one has the option to remove both sides, making it SUPER easy to use then. 

The dual sided wand comes with a metallic silver side (as shown in a photo below on it's own ) and a jelly looking colour side. The idea is to get bold metallic nails that last. 

I really like the silver on it's own too ... It's such a gorgeous colour. I would recommend giving the silver colour a good 2 -3 minutes to dry down before you start applying the "jelly" colour on top - otherwise the jelly colour does make the colour smudge a bit. (In my photo's below with the Fuchsia you will notice I did bump my nail before the photos , and decided to repaint the middle finger nail. Yes I was rushed and that's why that nail looks weird in my photos .. )

While I don't personally love metallic nails, these are gorgeous colours to rock while relaxing at the pool and enjoying summer. They last really well too, I wore these in December to test them out how they lasted with spending tons of time relaxing in the pool (which always makes my nails chip faster) and they lasted a good 5/6 days before they started to chip - and for me that's impressive. 

So onto the photo of the silver Step 1 side on it's own. 
And onto the polishes swatches :
Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polish - Fuchsia

This is my favourite one out of the colours I was send.It's such a gorgeous blue-toned pink. I will be using this one on my toes for the rest of summer. It's like pink happiness in a bottle. 

Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polish - Coral
This is a colour that looks different on everyone I tried it on. On me it pulls more reddish , but I tried this one on my mom and it pulled more pink on her. Non the less , it's another gorgeous colour that is perfect for summer .

Glam Summer Splash Plexi Nail Polish - Orange

Okay , now I have to be honest here. I don't like orange nail polishes on me - so I really didn't like this one. This colour would be perfect if you are more tan - or even a different skin tone than me. While I might not love the colour on me personally - it's still a gorgeous burnt orange colour. 

These polishes retail for R109,95 , and come in 5 gorgeous shades ( I will be on the look out for the purple and turquoise to swatch them for you guys too . 

Which one of the three do YOU like the most ?

*These products was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*


  1. When we talk about nail polish color I always go for pink shades!

    I´m your new follower on GFC. Kiss from Portugal

    1. Me too. Pink & Purple is my faourite bold nail polish choices.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes the silver looks pretty awesome on it's own too

  3. absolutely enjoyed this post dear!

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  4. Great post dear!

  5. Oooh, love the silver nails!!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  6. I really like this nail polish in orange and I also think that it could look even better on tanned skin;)

  7. Lynn, this is a very precise and well made in depth review, good job. i am absolutely loving your pictures lately: the design is so well thought and lovely, giving a sense of calm and a spa feel. i especially like the silver on you but these bottles look a little too tiny to me, don't you think? happy that you'll go back to your usual posting schedule and wishing you a refreshing weekend! xx

    1. p.s. i adore those little Eiffel Towers on the first pic. please bring more pictures like that with the Whole products bunch of the post. where did you find those colored tiny Towers?

    2. Hi Ghila. Awww thanks. Really appriciate the sweet comment. The polishes are normal Loreal sizes , so they aren't small. The eiffel tower confetti I got from a local craft shop , I got a bunch to jazz up photos for the blog and Instagram

  8. Just perfect, love it!!
    Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!!

    1. And thanks for your kind words and support hun xx