Saturday, 13 February 2016

My Top 5 Red Lip Colours

 Hi guys ! Happy Saturday . How has your week been ? Hopefully it's been a great week. 

Today I'm sharing my Top 5 Red Lip Colours with you. Now I have to be honest - Red isn't really a lip colour choice I go for often. But Red lip colours does have a place in my make-up collection, so today I'm sharing the 5 ones I have been loving lately. 

If you missed my Top 5 Purple Lip Colours and want to check them out you can HERE or want to have a look at my Top 5 Pink Lip Colours you can click HERE . So onto my favourites ... 

Essence Mini Sheer Lipbalm I am Charming -
The name might suggest this balm is sheer, but it's really quite pigmented . This isn't a bright in your face red , and that's what I love about this colour. This is perfect if you want to try out a red lip but not confident enough to pull off the va-va voom red. This actually lasts a while on me , and again since it's Essence it's super affordable. 
Loreal Xtreme Resist Bulletproof
This is really another great choice if you just want to try a lipgloss for Valentine's day and not go full on red lips. The colour is super hydrating , and lasts quite a while before fading gracefully. 
Yardley High Definition Lipgloss Rocking Red
This is a full on va-va voom lipcolour - and really has the most perfect blue toned hue to it to make your teeth look whiter. This doesn't last that long , but it does leave a bit of a stain to it - bonus !
Colorpop Lippystix Bossy
It's no secret that I'm a huge Colorpop fan, and Bossy is no exception. This colour stays all day on me , smells like cupcakes and just look how gorgeous it is ? What's not too love ?
Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Red Light 
This is another shade perfect for when you want a hint of colour but don't want to go full on in your face red. The Smart Shade Butter Kiss has a super hydrating formula , gives a gorgeous hint of colour , and last about 2/3 hours before the colour fades away. 

Hope you enjoyed these posts this week. Anyone have any fun plans for Valentine's day tomorrow? What lip colour will YOU be rocking ?


  1. Well done! I absolutely had fun reading this. Happy Monday!


  2. This lipgloss from Loreal looks really interesting, it has great shade of red :)

  3. i love the packagings of all these lippies and i am really liking these kind of posts and pics. the fact that you are showing us your favs by colour for instance, i find it very helpful, please keep on the series. i was loving that almay one from the packaging and i was shocked to see the colour in the swatch looks nothing like what i had imagined it to be: much more pink, pale, sheer and glossy.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words . They Almay has a red medium / red medium / light and a red dark too. I prefer the light version - I have the rest too . Will swatch and do a post really soon. :)

  4. Beautiful! This is such a well written post.

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  5. Nice colors :)
    Maria V.

  6. Just perfect, love it!!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

    Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!!


  7. These all look great, thanks for the recommendations!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop