Monday, 22 February 2016

My picks from the Essence Happy Girls are Pretty Collection

Hi guys . Happy Monday. Everyone have a great weekend ?

As I shared on my Instagram account HERE I got a few products from the Limited Edition Essence Happy Girls are Pretty Collection. The whole collection is gorgeous ( and if you are a nail polish lover I would recommend you RUN to pick some up ) . The collection has two eyeliners, a contour set, a blush , two eyeshadow palettes , six  nail polishes, a nail file and two lip colours. I didn't NEED everything , so I only got the products I could see I will be using , and I thought why not share it here as well. 

Happiness Is…Following Your Heart Eyeshadow Palette 
This palette I can see being the most popular with five gorgeous nude shades. The eye shadows are also super adorable with a ball of yarn and the word "knit" engraved across. The palette is quite steady and clicks closed tightly  , so perfect for travelling (which is why I bought these two palettes ) .

Happiness Is…Following Your Heart Eyeshadow Palette 
This colour combo is another winner. Though the colours aren't super pigmented, they are soft subtle girly shades. For me that's what I like about this palette. Some days I like to just pop one colour on my lids and call it a day , and all of these are perfect. 

Both the Eyeshadow palette's retail for R67, 50 at Clicks stores. 

You Sweeten My Day  Blush
When I saw this blush in store - I knew I DIDN'T need another blush in my collection . So I wasn't going to get it . But before I left to pay - the little blush whispered - Please Lynette you love pink, you love hearts , you love knitting ... Please buy me.  So I popped it into my basket and paid. 

It was lying in my pretty pile after being photographed , as I knew I have too many blushes open currently , but after seeing everyone on Instagram post product pictures I just couldn't wait any longer. So I opened the blush , swirled in my brush , and felt disappointed. 

The first time I used the blush, I could hardly tell I put on anything. I thought okay no problem , I can use a little more. After about half an hour, it disappeared off my face completely and I could hardly tell I had anything on. 

I decided this blush needed another chance though - I mean LOOK how pretty it is. The next few times I pressed a little harder with my brush when I swirled it , at least this time you could see colour on my cheeks . But luckily after being used for a week the pigmentation did improve - I am sharing a swatch of the blush after a few uses.  The colour is pretty, I just wish that the blush had this right from the start, as I was ready to give up on this blush after a day or two. 

The blush retails for R57,95 at Clicks stores. 

Just Happy Nail Polish 
This is another colour that just screamed my name. It's gorgeous , girly and a creamy milky pink. It is perfection in a bottle. This is a gorgeous light milky pink, that again, can easily be worn to work , and on weekends for a gorgeous girly manicure. I can seriously say , this collection of polishes is mind blowing. I might even pick up another one or two. This is the perfect everyday shade for me . Again this polish lasted about 5/6 days on me , and I'm really tough on my hands. 

Happy Girls Rock Nail Polish 
I will start off by saying , Essence makes the most amazing Matte shades lately. If you remember I also raved about the Essence No Make Up Look in Powdery Rose HERE . These shades glide on easily , dries down extremely quickly , and I just can't get enough. I can totally see myself using this one to the very end as well . This is a gorgeous lavender grey colour , perfect for summer, but I can still see myself rocking this colour in Autumn and Winter too. I wore this polish for 6 days without any chips - for a matte polish that is extremely magical especially since I'm super tough on my hands .

The nail polishes retail for R34,95 each. 

Did you pick anything up from this collection ? Anything you see here that you like ?   


  1. i had sneaked this post was coming on your twitter! i am really liking that darker chocolate shades eyeshadow palette there, how about the color payoff, pigmentation and quality? i also love the nude polish. i'm not sure of the rupees value but it sounds to me like this is quite an affordable brand, right?

    1. Yes the colour payoff is nice and quality super for such an affordable range. And yes.. lol I have been sharing the goodies I bought on the collection a lot on Instagram (which posts to my twitter too )

  2. Awesome! I absolutely had fun reading this. Have a fun-filled day!


  3. Great selection, I really like first palette, it contains many beautiful shades :)

    1. I can see that one being the most popular in the collection xx

  4. Great picks, love the nail polish colour!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  5. Great choices, girl. Beautiful colors.

  6. Love your post, great content!

    Have a great Wednesday!!


  7. Awesome! I like this a lot.

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  8. Nice colors :)
    Maria V.

  9. I was so looking forward to this nail polish collection, but i only manage to purchased the last nail polish colour in the collection called The Coco side of life. I really wish that stores would have more stock of the limited ranges - i must say i like the colour and the others on your post looks so lovely!

  10. Hi Lynette! How many pretty things here! The pink nail polish is a love! *__*