Friday, 18 November 2016

The Perfect Date Night Look with Revlon Unforgettable Encounter

Hi guys ! Happy Friday . The last two weeks totally caught me off guard - I'm a little busier than usual so sorry for the lack of posts this week guys. Hopefully after next week everything will calm down a bit and I can share some more fun posts with you guys.

I got this gorgeous Revlon Unforgettable Encounter perfume I while back and couldn't wait to start playing with it. I decided to do another fun Date Night Look for you guys - this will be another perfect combo for Christmas parties or just going out with someone special. 

Revlon Unforgettable Encounter does have a very sensual grown-up scent - I find this perfect for a smarter date night . You feel sexy and sophisticated wearing this gorgeous scent. I decided to pair it with a bold red lippie and a stunning red polish to finish of the look. 

Some more info on this scent :

"It’s a heady floral fragrance that opens with fruity top notes of peach, nectarine and juicy litchi. At the core is romantic rose and an intriguing blend of violet and pineapple. Deep woods, oakmoss infused with vetiver and the sensual signature white musk finish off this unforgettable fragrance."

Revlon Love Is On Lipstick

This comes in special edition packaging which is a slick black with red metallic accents including the word “love” inscribed on the outer barrel. Inside the the mantra “I attract love” in 6 different languages appears on the barrel. One of things that might make it a deal breaker is that this lipstick is scented. I'm super sensitive to scent it didn't bother me. The scent also fades after about 15 / 20 minutes - and then starts fading so you won't notice the scent the whole night. 

The Revlon Love Is On his is a full on cherry red shade that’s absolutely stunning with incredible pigmentation on a single swipe that’s completely opaque. The colour remains vibrant and strong for a solid four hours. When it fades it did leave behind a pretty soft stain on the lips.  Super Lustrous Lipstick has always had a beautiful texture and glides on so smoothly and is light weight. 

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy - Queen of Hearts 
Of course when you are going all out you might as well go all out with red nails too. This is one of my all - time favourite red nail polishes . The formula is smooth , pigmented and lasts pretty well on me. One of the reasons I hate wearing red nail polish - chips are very noticeable on a darker colour. This polish stays about chip-free on me for 4/5 days - which I find awesome since I'm very rough on my nails. I used two coats coats to get this colour opaque and used it with the Gel Envy Top Coat too. 

Another great thing about these products - they are all affordable. Let's be real - we all like to dress up and look stunning - but you don't want to spend millions on a fun look. 

Do you prefer a soft and girly date night look or a more sexy and sensual look ?? I prefer both - for different occasions. 

How has YOUR week been ? Any fun weekend plans ?

*The Revlon Unforgettable Encounter Perfume & Love Is On lipstick was received as PR. All opinions are my own*


  1. great!

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  2. Oh wow, that lipstick looks like a perfect dupe for my MAC Viva Glam 1 lipstick, it even has similar packaging.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. I had to google this one but it does look like a very similar colour.

  3. That lipstick shade looks so pretty! For drugstore brands, I have to say Revlon is my fave. Their lipsticks are comparable to high-end brands like Mac. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  4. OMG this lipstick!!!!!!!
    so you're making date night looks lately huh?!... ;)

  5. The lipstick is gorgeous right? Lol yes I am making a few date night looks these days.

  6. Love the red lipstick. Very sexy for date night. Now if only I can go on a date! LOL ;-D

    1. Who knows maybe 2017 has tons of cute guys waiting for us... lol