Tuesday, 29 November 2016

November Sample Sunday Rundown

Hi guys ! Happy Tuesday . How has your week been so far ? Mine has been crazy busy - but luckily it should calm down soon ? Who's ready for the holidays ? I know I am.

So as I mentioned, I'm doing a #SampleSunday on all my social media channels every Sunday - where I do a mini review on a sample sized product or magazine . 

So onto this month's exciting items. 

Week 1 ( )
This #SampleSunday is a magazine freebie. Glamour Magazine has 4 different beauty related products free this month and I'm sharing swatches of the two options of nail polishes that was available. (The other items where a mascara or Kiss false nails) The pink duo is my favourite but the red and nude are great colours. The polishes has a bit of a chemical smell and was a little goopy (my red and nude set) . Overall these were okay - nothing mind blowing amazing. 
Week 2 : (  ) 
My #SampleSunday this week is another cult favourite - Benefit thePOREfessional. An amazing pore smoothing primer that improves the wear time on your foundation - it's my all time favourite primer and I already own the full size. 
Week 3: (  )
Today #SampleSunday is another magazine freebie. The Cosmopolitan has an awesome little white or pink usb cable with three cables free this month making this the perfect addition for someone busy and on the go. If you haven't grabbed a copy yet- I would really recommend this one. This is amazing to pop into your handbag for those days that your phone might die on you at work. 

Week 4: ( )
Today's #SampleSunday is one of Avon's new matte lipsticks in Au Naturale- a gorgeous peachy nude. The lipstick has a gorgeous matte finish without drying out your lips at all. Which is great for any matte formula lipstick. The wear time is about 3/4 hours before you need to touch up - which isn't bad as this lipstick is pretty affordable and easy to pop into your bag. I will be showing a few more colours in the future - so if a nude lipstick isn't your cup of tea I have a few bolder shades coming up too. 

I will continue in December  - so if you are not following me on one of my platforms - I'm sharing the links here too - feel free to give me a follow. If I'm not following you on Instagram yet - please leave your Instagram link in a comment and I'll give you a follow. 

Anyone have exciting plans for this week ? Or any good samples I need to try and get my hands on ?


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  4. Wow, that USB cable looks really great, I wish that Cosmopolitan did the same samples to this magazine in my country ;)


  5. Thanks for this! I love getting freebies from magazines! That pink usb cable looks amazing! :)

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  6. I love getting samples, the benefit porefessional is a great one to get :)

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  8. Such a cool post Lynette ! I love following along on Facebook every Sunday.

    1. Thanks for keeping an eye out for this feature Amanda xx

  9. i love sample sundays and i'd love a review on the porefessional and the get picture ready ones!