Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Essence All About Greys Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Review

Hi guys. Happy Wednesday . How has your week been so far ? Mine has been pretty chill in general but the rest of the week will be a bit busier.

A while back Essence sent me this palette - and while I showed it a ton over on Instagram - I wanted to do a review on the blog too as this is a really stunning little eyeshadow palette. 

They do have 5 in this range - Roses, Greys , Nudes and Bronze & Vintage - and while I usually tend to gravitate towards more nude colours I love grey nail polishes and decided why not try this palette I was sent. I was pleasantly surprised - the colours are all pretty neutral and everyday wear friendly - they aren't glittery (although there sparkly shades has a subtle sparkle I won't say it's a glitter. ) 

There are 8 shades in this palette - the top row is more grey toned while I found the bottom four shades to be more nude / taupe coloured . 

The formulation on these eyeshadows are very smooth and buttery - the apply super easily and they are very pigmented - even the lighter shades. These don't have a chalky feel that you sometimes get on more budget friendly palettes which is a HUGE bonus. When I use the Essence eye primer with these eyeshadows they do last a good  11/12 hours on me . (I have normal / drier eyelids for the record)  I find the Essence eyeshadow primer amazing to make my eyeshadows last longer so if you have oilier eyelids give that eyeshadow primer a whirl too. There isn't any fall out when you use these eyeshadows - which I know was a worry of mine when I used this the first time. 

The colours can be vamped up or kept on the more natural nude side which I find is pretty awesome and this palette has become a real winner in my collection . The first row is mostly matte colours with one shimmer / satin shadow and the second row has a bit of a sparkle but isn't glittery or gritty at all. 

So of course I wanted to give you guys super cute swatches - so here's some close ups of the palette colours. 

Essence All That Grey First Row Shadows

Essence All That Grey Second Row Shadows

These eyeshadows retail for around R89.95 so it's pretty affordable for this little palette. 
How has YOUR week been so far ? Have you tried this palette or any of the others ?? 

*This palette was sent as PR earlier this year but opinions are all my own*


  1. Oh my, thse swatches made me smile, so so cute and such an unique idea. Very smart girl. Beautiful shades, btw.

  2. hey hun! xx
    the dolls swatches are so creative and adorable!
    i didn't know this palette and the idea of greys is very nice. i would love to see some non-smokey, non-dark, non-night out looks with it tho..

    1. The look doesn't go that smokey or dark since most are neautral colours - I have only used the dark blacks like once or twice - lol I prefer a nude eye most days. :) Thanks for the kind words about the swatches Ghila xx

  3. amazing blog post :)

  4. Pretty colors!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  5. This is a great cool toned palette. I love your little girl swatches. They are so cute ;-)