Friday, 9 December 2016

EyeSeeHue Online store and Sephora Sheet Mask Review

Hi guys ! Happy Friday ! Who's excited for the weekend ? I am - I hardly have a Saturday off but now that we are moving into the Festive season I'm off... Yeah !

If you follow me on social media you know I'm in love with sheet masks. As a single mom I value my time - so sheet masks are my special me-time treat . They are quick and easy - I can pop them on , write a blogpost , watch some series on T.V or fold laundry or answer emails at night. After the 20 minutes (I sometimes do leave them on for even longer than that) I massage the extra serum / essence into my skin and voila. 

I usually classify sheet masks into two categories - more affordable options for 2 / 3 times a week when I need a boost and more special me time masks. I love how they address any skin concerns I might have (dry skin ... blemishes ... anti -ageing ) 

I was lucky enough to get sent some of these Sephora sheet masks from a new online store in South Africa - EyeSeeHue . They stock some International brands that are not available in South Africa like Eyeko , Sephora masks and lip balms , Lipstick Queen & some great Too Faced goodies. It's always hard to find reliable trustworthy third party sellers that won't disappear with your money - so it's always great to find a great trustworthy store with great service. 

The store is run by a lovely lady named Andrea Herman . She's also a qualified makeup artist with a major love for any beauty products .  

So onto the Sephora sheet masks I got to try. These masks retail for R120 each (making them on the higher end of my treat masks - but they are worth every cent - these are the creme de la creme of sheet masks ) 

Sephora Avocado Mask 
Sephora Orchid Invisilk Mask
Sephora Pomegranate Invisisilk Mask

These masks are super soft and is made from a little bit of a thicker material that fits the skin perfectly - these ones are a little broader so they will fit any face shape . They are nice and cooling on the face and I love how soft the material is on the skin . 

Of the three I got I love all three for different reasons. I would definitely suggest getting a few to de-stress before Christmas or spoiling yourself after wrapping all the Christmas gifts. 

Do you love sheet masks ? Anything on the EyeSeeHueMake-Up store that catches your eye?
*Products were sent for review *


  1. I heard amazing things about Sephora masks - I need to check out and order for myself too.

  2. Wow !! We need more reliable online stores that stock international brands - I've hit a few duds on some instagram sellers hey . Ugggh ! These masks sounds amazing - and she stocks Too Faced !!! OMG !!!

    1. Yes, luckily she's super reliable with delivery

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    I love sephora products

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  4. I love this brand :)

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  8. I am a face mask addict and I love sheet mask.

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  10. So awesome that there is a SA online store that sells these. I love them too and only use them when I want to give my face a special treat. Xxx

  11. i love face masks but i rarely use them, these flavours are just amazing!