Monday, 16 January 2017

My Summer Essentials

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? Alex had Athletics on Friday night and then suddenly it started pouring with rain , so I took it easy this weekend as I feel a cold coming on - bleh.

Today I'm sharing my Summer Essentials- Yes holidays might be over but these are fantastic products that I keep on reaching for over and over. I split these up into two categories - body care as well as my favourite sweat-proof summer proof make-up essentials. 

Body Care
If you know me personally , you know I'm big on sunscreen and sun protection. You only have one skin - so you don't need to damage it. I love including products with an SPF on my body as well as face and lips .

1. Almay Kinetin Restoring Day Cream SPF 20 
I will be doing a review on this amazing day cream soon - but this is the perfect mix for sun protection as well as anti ageing benefits and is moisture, repairing the appearance of past damage caused by environmental damage. Plumps to visibly reduce appearance of wrinkles and locks in moisture so that the skin feels instantly tighter, rested, radiant and supple, with a fresher, more toned appearance.

2. Almay Age Essentials Lip Treatment SPF30
Almay positions their Age Essentials lip balm as a wonder that, via its "anti-ageing core," hydrates and plumps up lips and surrounding skin to minimise fine lines. Whether it does or not, I can't say – most nicely emollient lip balms can lessen the appearance of fine lines around the mouth by virtue of helping to keep lips plumped with moisture . Again - my lips get sun burnt super easily , and when Sinki from Revlon recommended this to me , she wasn't kidding by how amazing it is. I can see myself reaching for this all summer. 

3. Essence Love.Joy.Care hand butter
When I posted about this range last week , I wasn't kidding when I said this hand butter is amazing. I love reaching for this every night or after chilling in the pool to cool down on weekend.

4. Sun Lab Express Spray SPF50
Yes , I'm that person that re-applies sunscreen every few hours and use it daily . This one is super easy to use before hitting the pool - the spray bottle even makes it easy enough for my son (who's 6 ) to apply on his own too. 

5. Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser
Another little known fact about me - I'm extremely lazy when it comes to applying body lotion. These Vaseline lotions makes the proses so much easier - so I can happily say I use this twice a day . The moisturiser hydrates dry summer skin , and the spray cools down warm skin. My favourite two of the range is this one , and the brown cocoa butter one. 

Now onto make-up Essentials. While I don't wear this heavy make-up everyday , this is perfect for those days that your make-up NEEDS to look good - but it's hot as hell outside. 

Summer Proof Make-Up 

1. Essence Glossy Kiss Lipgloss in Berry Kiss. 
I love a glossy lip especially if most of my make-up look is matte. This lipgloss is nice and hydrating and offer a soft sparkly effect.

2. Essence I LOVE EXTREME Volume Mascara Waterproof
While I do use waterproof formula's basically daily - this is the blackest most waterproof formula I have come across. This does take a bit of effort to remove at night , but for swimming , sweating and even crying through a soppy movie - this lasts. 

3. Revlon ColorStay powder
I haven't tried any Revlon powders yet - until I got this in a little Christmas gift pack I got as PR in December. WOW ! I was blown away how amazing this works with the foundation- this powder glides on and makes pores look invisible. This does have a powder puff on the bottom - making it perfect for touch ups. 

4. Revlon ColorStay Foundation Combo / Oily Skin
This was also included with the powder in the press pack - and while my skin is drier at this stage - this foundation along with the powder is WOW ! You will look flawless but natural , and I was surprised that it was still lightweight - but when I removed my make-up at night there was still foundation on me. I'm super impressed. I do reach for the dry skin foundation formula for a more day to day basis , but this stuff is amazing for those days you want to look amazing. 

5. Essence 2-1 Eyeshadow and Liner
You might notice a trend here - but I love easy products that lasts. This eyeshadow is no exception. This does really last an amazingly long time , and Essence has a few colours in the range . I prefer the brown and bronzy tones for my looks.

6. Avon Colour Trend Cream Blush
When I do want a bit of colour on my cheeks - I prefer cream bases blushes on hot days . These seems to last longer and are super easy to blend. I have this one in two colours - this pretty just Pinched pink and a orange/corally shade.

7. Revlon Photo Ready Eye-Art
This is a double ended wand- one side with a fun eyeliner colour and the other side a cream eyeshadow - but let me tell you this lasts forever on your eyes. The colour is pigmented - they apply creamy and smooth and these are rub proof too . 

8. Benefit Ka Brow !
I have mentioned this in a favourite post too - this eyebrow pomade is amazing. This stuff genuinely lasts forever on your brows (and forever in the container since you only use a little bit ) 

Do you have any Summer Essentials you can't live without ?? 


  1. I cannot help but be drawn to that gorgeous shell! It's stunning!
    That Avon Color Trend Cream blush reminds me of the one from e.l.f. and I think I must use mine more because a little mos goes a long way! I love the colour of the one you have though.

    1. It's one of my favourite shells. :) Yes a little goes a long way , and they last better in this hot weather than normal powder ones hey

  2. I really love your look.
    So inspiring.
    Have a nice week.

  3. Nice post! Have a great new day.


  4. I really like your selection, especially this hand cream from Essence got me curious, because I have never heard that this brand has hand creams in its offers :)

    Have a lovely evening dear,

    1. Essence might be under rated because they are super affordable but the products are pretty awesome .

  5. I can't wait for summer, the only one I've tried of these is the vaseline spray moisturiser, I really love that one :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
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    1. It does work pretty awesome hey ? I love how easy it is to use.

  6. this post's header is fantastic! i'll find your makeup picks very usefull reccomendations when the hot season will finally come by again! the Revlon ones all seem very nice.

  7. Hi, Lynette!
    It is currently Winter here (sooo sooo cold!), I can't even remember what Summer felt like. *Cries*

    My weekend has been super busy. I started updating my blog again, after having been missing in action for eight months (long story!). It's too cold to do anything else. Lol.

    1. Yeah glad your back to blogging - missed your posts.

  8. Ooh I definitely want to try the Benefit brow pomade. I just love the packaging.

    1. It's so pretty right ? I don't think I can use something else again - I just love it .