Monday, 23 January 2017

Tried & Tested : Foundation Edition

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? Mine was nice and chill for a change - but I reckon this might be another busy week .

I have received a few foundations as PR and bought a new foundation in November and December , and I have used them all a few times now to form a decent opinion of each.  Some are very budget friendly and some are pricier options - So there is one for every budget. 

Before I start - I'll share my skin type. While I was usually more on the oily side , my skin is now more dehydrated combo skin - I have dry patches but I still get an oily T-zone. I do ALWAYS prime my skin before make-up - so keep that in mind when I do mention wear time .

So onto the six that have been in my beauty rotation the last few weeks. 

Clarins Everlasting Foundation + 
I bought this on the Woolies 25% off sale last year and was super excited to try a fancy foundation. I have used a Clarins mask or two before but this would be my first make-up product. Even with the 25% off - this still had a hefty price tag. To be completely honest - I'm a little disappointed in this foundation. Some days it looked great - other days I looked super greasy. I do love that the foundation includes an SPF - but I felt it clinged to drier spots (and I really had issues making it last on my nose - and I didn't even get that oily ). I will finish the foundation - as I do find it wears okay on cooler days - but I won't be reaching for this on hotter days or buy this again .  I get about 10 hours of wear time before the foundation fades slowly on me. This foundation offers medium coverage. 

Revlon ColorStay Make-Up for Combination / Oily Skin
I mentioned this gem in my Summer Essentials post last week too - this foundation is pretty bomb. I do find that if my water intake isn't that great it does make my skin look drier , but this foundation lasts in the hot humid weather - and still makes me look like a put together person. This with the Revlon  Colorstay powder makes you look flawless . I don't reach for this foundation everyday though - as I mentioned I do have dehydrated skin that acts up if I don't stay hydrated enough - but for those days you want to look perfect in the Summer Heat - this is highly recommended.  The foundation lasts until YOU take it off - which is great for those long days.  This foundation offers full coverage. 

Revlon Colorstay Make-Up for Normal / Dry Skin 
This is my favourite everyday foundation at the stage - I reach for this one the most. The formula is a lot more hydrating and while I do have an oily T-zone , somehow this foundation doesn't make my nose look shiny and bright at midday (which is never a good look ) . I do set this with a light powder , but the formula makes my skin look healthy and pretty awesome - and lasts a decent about of time on my skin. This foundation offers natural coverage. 

Essence Get Picture Ready Compact Make-Up
As you know I LOVE Essence foundations - but sadly this one didn't work with my skin at all. This is a cream foundation that has a cute mirror and sponge making it perfect for applying on the go. But the foundation just didn't like my skin. It made me super greasy and I had the hardest time blending it to look smooth on my skin - even with a primer this sinked into my pores - and honestly I won't be coming near this foundation again.  Save your money and buy the one I mention at the end of the post.

Revlon ColorStay 2-1 Compact Make-Up and Concealer. 
Although I don't like cream foundations - this one was pretty awesome . This foundation comes with a mirror and sponge (which is actually pretty good - I did apply the foundation with it ) . What I love about this one though - it has a pretty nice concealer too - a shade lighter than the foundation -taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect shade of concealer. The concealer covers dark circles and spots pretty good . The foundation blended in perfectly and at the end of the night when I took off my make-up I could see the foundation was still on my skin. I'm really pretty impressed  .  This foundation offers medium to full coverage. 

Essence Camouflage Make-Up and Concealer
Now while I might not have liked the Essence compact foundation - I LOVE this one. The foundation is budget friendly yet heavy duty - I do find this covers any imperfections pretty decently and creates the perfect canvas for my make-up. This does last a pretty decent about of time on me - certainly better than even the Clarins foundation one. This foundation I know I can grab and apply and it will look perfect - I don't have to worry about how dehydrated my skin is or if I need to apply a hydrating serum first. This is just an easy one to grab if I know I will be running errands but still want to look put together. This foundation offers medium coverage. 

Overall , my two favourites of them all is the Revlon ColorStay one for Combo / Oily skin and the Essence Camouflage Make-up one - both are great for different reasons but I can't see myself without them . 

If you are interested in the prices of the foundations :
Clarins Everlasting Foundation  - R445  
Revlon ColorStay Combo/Oily - R299
Revlon ColorStay Normal / Dry - R299 
Essence get Ready compact foundation - R89,95 
Revlon Compact 2-1 Make-Up - R299 
Essence Camouflage Make-Up - R79,95

What's YOUR current favourite foundation at the moment ??  

*Please note all the foundations except the Clarins one I received as PR - all opinions are my own* 


  1. I've never tried Essence foundation, so will definitely try this one. Also love the Revlon one, but the shade they matched me with did not match me once I applied it at home. But I loved how it felt on my skin.

    My favourite is the L'oreal Infallible 24H matte foundation. Medium coverage, buildable and so natural on my skin.

    1. I love the L'oreal 24H MAtte one too, but with so much new ones I just had to give these ones a try. My current shade Vanilla will be in my empties post soon - shocker since I hardly ever finish foundations.

  2. Lovely post! Have a great new day.


  3. I have always wanted to try a Clarins foundation. Thank you for that honest review. I don't want to buy an expensive foundation and it does not work out. I need to try the Revlon Colorstay foundation. Sounds great. xoxo

    1. I was very dissapointed - it cost me a small fortune and I'm sadly not impressed.

  4. I love the Clarins foundation!!!
    Kisses, Paola.

    1. I wish I did , it just doesn't like my skin all that much.

  5. Great post dear, thanks for sharing!! <3 -

  6. I have never tried these products, but goood to hear the foudation from Essence is equally good like the one from Revlon :)

    Have a lovely evening dear,

    1. The Essence one surprised me too, but then again I love almost every single foundation from them .