Monday, 13 February 2017

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Range

Hi guys . Happy Monday . How was your weekend ? 

A little earlier month I received the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette range to try out - usually I feel intimidated by testing out shampoos and conditioners since my hair likes to act like a diva - so I know after one use if I will hate a range or love it. But I'm trying to use better products on my hair this year - so I was exited to even use the conditioner - since I want softer  healthy hair in 2017. 

Some more on this range -
"This shampoo subtly lightens the golden tones in your hair as a brunette with highlights, as well as emphasising the brunette tones. Can be used on natural light brunettes or colour-treated hair. Massage into wet hair, lather and rinse.
For best results, follow with Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Conditioner. The conditioner illuminates all brunette highlights and lower tones. Helps with moisturising hair and is ammonia/peroxide free."

Just a word of warning before you have a mini freak out like I did - the shampoo does look bright gold when you open the bottle and squeeze some out. The colour doesn't end up like that on your hair.

Now as I mentioned - my hair has a will of it's own. My hair hates conditioner - as most conditioners weight my hair down so much that I end up with flat unhappy hair. I was pleasantly surprised that my hair loves this conditioner. The range also smells AMAZING - and I love how soft my hair feels - my hair feels pampered and is so much smoother - as I heat style my hair mostly daily - for me this is something I'm pretty impressed with. 

I do have highlighted hair - but my hair does look bright and healthy daily - I do see my "natural darker" hair is slowly fading into a gorgeous gorgeous golden brown and my highlights stay golden and not going brassy . Your hair looks  like you had a salon visit where your hair is shiny and smooth. 

Some shampoos doesn't work well if you want to have second day hair - as too much silicone's does tend to make your hair greasier - but yet again this range has surprised me by not making your hair into a super greasy mess - which is another bonus for me. 

The shampoo and conditioner retails for R110 each - which makes it pretty affordable for an amazing range. I wash my hair everyday / every second day and a little really goes a long way. 

I can most certainly see myself repurchasing this again - I gave some of the spare shade to my mom (the deeper brunette shade I was sent ) and she's loving the range too. 

I was sent this range to review for RubyBox  - Opinions are my own. 


  1. I would like to try this line!
    Kisses, Paola.

  2. Your convincing me to try this!
    I use SOAPHOPE- The Acai berry smells so good I want to eat it. Lol. Great post!


  3. Great post dear

  4. I always want to try out this brand, good to know that this line is brilliant, especially I like the fact that the effects are visible :)

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day, dear!

    1. Yes ! I'm trying to make better effort to look after my hair this year - so any products that help is worth it.