Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Empties #01

Hi guys. Happy Wednesday. How has your week been so far ??

Today I will be sharing my first empties post. These are all products that I've finished in 2018 so far - and I hope to share many more empties posts with you guys this year. I feel empty posts are the best as they give the best review since the product was used completely. My first empty post includes some haircare , body care , candles , make-up and sheet masks and a mask or two from Tara & Jack. Some products I've done a full review on previously - and I'll link reviews were possible.

So let's jump into my trash ... errrm empties ...

Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water
I mentioned this in numerous monthly favourites and I buy the big bottle for the last two times I have repurchased. This is such a firm favourite in my routine - I use it to set make-up on some days ... to calm down my skin after some of my stronger facial treatments - after some yoga or running  . Name it I use it. Alex loves this after his sport practice too - so in our house it's a firm favourite. Yes already repurchased another huge bottle so this will be in another empties again. 
Johnsons Tissue Oil Firming Body Oil with Green Tea Extract
This was a last minute product I grabbed in December before I left Clicks - and I'm so glad I did. This oil really hydrated my skin so nicely. I use it at night after my shower or bath especially on my thighs / upper legs and stomach . I have noticed the skin does feel smoother after using it . I have repurchased this oil but in a different scent which I like a little bit more. But this one is amazing.
Avon Advanced Techniques Shampoo and Conditioner Miracle Densifier
When I got this in PR in December I wasn't sure if I'd like it. This has quickly become my favourite daily shampoo and conditioner and I'm really sad that it is finished. It doesn't weigh down my hair , makes it look and feel so smooth and hydrated. I haven't repurchased this range yet as I was sent a few different variants that I am trying out now - but I will definitely repurchase this again.

Essence Volume Stylish Lash Extension Mascara
It's no secret that I love Essence mascaras . This was another one I saw really raved about on YouTube and decided to give it a try. I wasn't blown away after the first use , or the first week - but this now is hands down the one I pick most days. It lasts forever on my eyes (and I rub my eyes a lot through the day *allergies* ) . This really lasts amazingly well and looks amazing. I have already repurchased this mascara as I really love it.
INOAR Argon Infusion Oil Treatment
This is such an amazing hair treatment. This little container offers about 4/5 treatments for me personally and I have longer hair. This I use as a weekly treatment as I heat style my hair daily and this helps keep my hair looking healthy and hydrated . I use it on my mom that perms her hair too and it soften her curls and keeps them frizz free too. 
Tara and Jack Le Masque Apple Stem Cell Mask
This is my absolute favourite mask from the The Beautiful Store . I love that this mask I can keep in the fridge and it lasts me about 10 days if I use it every night. Keeping it in the fridge gives it an amazing nice cooling effect on the skin too and this mask makes my skin look plump and healthy. It's seriously one of my favourites. It's also one perfect to gift to family and friends .
Tara and Jack Le Masque Anti Wrinkle & Illuminating Mask
I love the texture of this mask. The sachet is enough for two uses and dries to a rubbery finish which is so much fun to peel off. It peels off very easily and leaves my skin feeling firmer. Honestly this is such an amazing mask .

Baylis & Harding Wild Blackberry & Apple Candle
When these Baylis and Harding candles came out in Dischem last year I knew I wanted to try one in the range. It was pretty affordable at R145 and I decided to treat myself. There are a few variants but this one seemed the safest as I don't love floral scents and this seemed more fruity. Overall I loved how soft the scent was (this wasn't something that knocks you out because it's too strong ) so it's not too overpowering at all. I still have some Bath and Body Works and Makro candles I got that I want to use first but I will definitely repurchase this candle. 
Tony Moly Sheet Mask Clear Skin
I tried this after my skin really broke out a week or two ago. Honestly I wasn't blown away by this mask. The scent was way too overpowering and had a very strong floral scent. It didn't really help anything for breakouts too sadly . I won't be picking up another one of these although I have one in my little sheet-mask collection that I still need to use.
Tony Moly Sheet Mask Seaweed Skin Purifying
While I didn't love the Clear Skin one - I really loved the purifying sheet mask. This did an amazing job to help keep my skin clear and my skin did look a lot brighter after using it. I will definitely stock up on these ones. 

BodyTreat Blueberry Face Mask with Collagen
Clearly I'm a huge fan of sheet masks. I find them super easy to use and treat my skin and myself in the process. Honestly this mask was okay - not my favourite but it was okay and did plump my skin. I doubt I will repurchase this one again as I prefer the Skin Strategy range from Dischem as I find they work so much better for me and is a little cheaper. 
Sephora Green Trea Mask
This is another anti-blemish one my aunt bought for me from America. I really really like that it did help with my skin texture and clear up my smaller blemishes.  If I could walk into a store and buy them I would definitely.
Sephora Pomegrate Face Mask
This is a anti-fatigue and energising mask. I have to say it did give my skin a boost and made it look so much for healthier and plumper . Again if I could walk into a store and buy them I would as I really loved using this one.
Sephora Pearl Mask
I didn't really see any specific change in my skin this was a really nice mask to use as my skin felt so much more hydrated and plump. Overall I did like like it though. 

The Creme Shop Aloe Vera Sheet Masks
This was another range my aunt bought at TJ Maxx in America when she was visiting some family there. I really really love this range . It came in a 5 pack and I will truly be sad once these are finished. These were amazing to use after spending a day next to the pool as they are extremely hydrating and cooling on the skin. I wish I could just pop into a store here and pick them up ... they were amazing. 
Wish Bioaqua Lip Mask
I got these in a little set of 10 off Wish .. as a free product that I just needed to pay shipping on. Overall I'm really impressed how hydrating these masks are . I love using these as a weekly treat on my lips to keep them smooth and hydrated. Yes I will be stocking up on more of these. They are pretty bomb.
Schwarzkopft Bonacure Fibreforce Hair Therapy Shampoo
I got this last year when I went blonder. This shampoo is amazing to use once a week to make your hair stronger - it really does work amazingly as it enforces your hair with Keratin. This variety is made especially for extremely damaged hair and it does restore your hair health. I will definitely repurchase again down the road when I need it again because it does look 

That's it for my first Empties post - wow that was quite a mouthful of mini reviews . What is a product you finished most recently ?? Anything fun ??


  1. I love candles and this one must be repurchase.
    Anyways love your review

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

    1. Tes I'm totally getting into candles now too.

  2. I love seeing what people finished...going through their trash! lol. My nanny keeps throwing my stuff away so I just take a random pic when I can and I'll have to collage it for one post when I get to it.

    That Essence mascara I didn't care for. It wasn't bad, I just wasn't blown away....and I know Tati loves it. I think maybe I watch too many gurus put falsies on and that is what I expect from my look like falsies. lol

    1. I found a few items after this post I wanted to include in the first place lol . I saw Tati's review too - thought why not and I do find it helps my non existing lashes look good lol.

  3. Thanks a lot :D

    I really love this thermal water my friend :D
    all products sounds great

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  4. Interesting products, as usual!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. I love seeing empties videos and posts. It's always good to see the product we use up.

  6. Amazing post, dear! A big hello from Germany!
    Hugs ♥
    LIANA LAURIE | My new video

  7. so cool post!
    thanks for sharing!!!

  8. I like Aloe Vera masks too!

  9. Great post, I like it :)

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  10. Thanks for sharing all the products you have used up. I like the candle... wish I could smell it :)

  11. I didin't know the products before.

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