Wednesday, 14 February 2018

My 6 Favourite Pink Face Products

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday . And Happy Valentine's day to those celebrating. If you don't - then happy Wednesday. 

Today I'm bringing you the last instalment of my 6 Favourite Pink Face products. These are all products I love and reach for on a almost daily basis . So let's jump into the products .

Glamore Cosmetics Bevel Make-Up Sponge
These Glamore Cosmetics Bevel sponges are the best make-up application tool ever. I don't own a Beauty Blender - and after trying these sponges I'm sure I'll never try another one. This is so soft and squishy and blends your foundation like a dream. And it's pretty affordable too ! 
Hean Face Contour Mix
I'm sure it's pretty obvious that the blushes in this palette are loved. I love the rosy golden tone of the top blush ( on which I've clearly hit pan on) and can't recommend it enough . The darker matte pink blush is gorgeous too ( I have some swatches after the next blush ). This blush lasts almost all day on my skin and looks so natural yet stunning. It blends very easily too. Even though the shade I hit pan on looks sparkly in the pan it doesn't leave a glitter mess on your skin. 
Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush in Pink / Rose
First off how cute is the design ? This is another favourite blush for more natural days where I just pop on some BB-Cream and mascara. It mixes to a soft pink which I love and looks amazing on my skin tone. 
Swatches of Blushes :
From left to right :
Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush in Pink / Rose
Hean Palette Sparkly Blush ( The one I hit pan on )
Hean Palette Matte Pink Blush
Essence Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer in Wake Me Up
This is a lovely pink toned concealer . I prefer to use this over foundation under my eyes to brighten up the under eye area and look more awake. I love how it instantly brightens up my complexion and blends very easily . This is my secret weapon on those mornings where I REALLY REALLY struggle to feel awake even after coffee. 
Essence My Must Haves Eyeshadows in Raspberry Frosting & Cotton Candy
These are two of my favourite Essence My Must Have single eyeshadows. I love mixing them in with some of my more neutral shades for a pop of colour. Raspberry Frosting makes an amazing blush too. Cotton Candy gives the most gorgeous inner corner highlight to make you look fresh and ready to tackle the day . I've included some swatches of them too. 
Swatches of the Essence My Must Haves Single Eyeshadows:
From left to right :
Essence Raspberry Frosting
Essence Cotton Candy

And that's a wrap on my Valentine's Day content - thanks for reading and perhaps finding a new suggestion or two to add to your Wish list.

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Do you have some fun plans for tonight ??


  1. Nice products, I especially love the Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush in Pink / Rose
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  2. That Almay blush is soooo pretty!

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  4. I have so many darn pink blushes but I never get tired of them. I always prefer shimmery blushes like NARS Orgasm. That's one of my go-to blushes. I also picked up a more luminous blush: Milani Luminoso. That's my favorite right now.

    1. I really want to try Milani Luminoso - I think you just convinced me to get that one too (Not that I *need* another blush

  5. Cool beauty makeup.
    I love the white eyeshadow

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

    1. Yes that shimmery light pink one is gorgeous isn't it ?

  6. Thanks a lot :D

    the concealer seems to be awesome! I need to try :D

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    1. Yes it's really pretty amazing - thanks for reading :)

  7. Looks amazing!
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  8. Great post, I like it :)

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  9. very sweet products
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  10. Ooh I just love all things pink!! 😁 That Almay blush is so pretty. 💞💕