Monday, 21 May 2018

New On My Beauty Desk - May

Hi guys ! How was your weekend ? Did you watch the Royal Wedding on Saturday ? I was working but I did catch the highlights after work . 

Today I will be sharing some new goodies that I'm currently testing out. There is a lot more than the goodies I'm sharing here - but I'm keeping all of those for separate product review posts pretty soon. As always some products I might have tested once or twice - some I will be trying in the next week or so to report back on. 

Justine Tissue Oil Multipurpose Moisture Balm
This is a convenient on-the-go dry skin remedy balm formulated with the power of Justine's famous tissue oil to address any dry skin emergencies. I like the idea of a multi use product I can pop into my bag and use as a lip-balm / cuticle balm on the go. The container is quite big - and a little does go a long way so I'm really excited to start using it as I love the Justine Tissue Oil range.
Revlon Kiss Balm SPF20 in Tropical Coconut
I have the Fresh Strawberry scent one already and loved it - but since that one does leave a bit of a colour stain I wanted something more clear to just throw into my bag for any touch ups on the go. I love that it has sun protection - since my lips do get burnt easily . And it smells magical. I'm on a bit of a coconut scent goodies kick the last few weeks too . 
Essence Kiss the Mermaid Lipstick
I was swatching this in Dischem with Alex - and he was amazed at the range of colour changing lippies. I got the Kiss MY Mermaid Lipstick - a blue lipstick that changes from blue to pink on your lips and leaves the prettiest stain on your lips. I got this as a Mother's Day gift from him - and super excited to wear this after the swatch was amazingly gorgeous (and lasted forever on my hand ) . 

Hean Luxery Lipstick in Smoke Nude 
I have mentioned my love for Hean products before . I got the Hean Luxery Lipstick in Smoke Nude. This is a gorgeous darker nude with a peachy undertone. This will look perfect for the colder months and I already know the Hean formula products doesn't irritate my lips - so very excited to rock this lippy. You can get it from Glamore Cosmetics  HERE

Essence Highlighting Powder in 01 Let It Glow
I'm a huge fan of the Essence singles products to click into my palette. Once one of my eyeshadow shades in my palette was finished I decided to rather get another highlighter instead to make it more of a travel friendly palette. This is a nice golden toned highlighter ( I personally prefer more of a champagne tone on my skin tone ) but it looks amazing with some more dramatic make-up. 
Avon True Ultra Volume Lash Magnify Mascara in Blackest Black
Avon send me this stunning mascara to try out. I like the look of the brush and usually love Avon mascara formula's - so I'm very excited to try this out. I will be doing a full review on the blog soon. 

Essence Holo Wow! Dewy Lip Shine in 01 Unicorn Powder
I only noticed the name now as I was typing - which suddenly makes me love this lipgloss 100 times more. This is a translucent lipgloss with a holographic effect. The colour will apply amazingly on any colour lipstick - but I chose this for an on the go brighten up my look lipgloss. It's amazingly sparkly and so pretty . The range has a few colour choices too - from a purple to a blue to an orange and a green. 

Essence Tropical Hand Mousse 
This was another product I got for Mother's Day from Alex . This is a foamy hand mousse that hydrates the skin deeply . The formula is infused with monoi oil and aloe Vera to moisturise hands without leaving it feeling greasy. 
Essence Glow To Go Setting Spray
I was super excited when I saw this in Dischem . Sadly ... I have tried it out a few times and was left a little disappointed  .  This setting spray does an amazing job of setting your make-up and making you look fresh and glowly - but the downside is it is filled with little glitter pieces that end up all over your face and clothes. 
The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in 1.0 N Very Fair
I read so many rave reviews about this foundation that I was extremely keen to try it ( I ordered the Huda Beauty Foundation too ... which I will get one day once customs is done taking their sweet time ) and ordered it from Cult Beauty when they offered free worldwide shipping. It got to me within four days (which is amazing since some local companies take forever to deliver ) . This foundation leaves my skin looking healthy - I did expect it to be a little more full coverage - but it's a pretty good foundation and I'm very happy with it. Especially since it was SUPER affordable too. I will be doing a full review on this foundation too. 

Is there any product I showed here that you are super keen for a review on ?? How was your weekend ??


  1. Those are really nice beauty products.
    Nice review
    and I am loving your pics.


  2. It's always interesting to read your blog, there are lots new products!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. That tropical hand mouse packaging looks so cute
    Very summer!

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  4. Thanks a lot :D

    hmmm, all products sounds amazing :D I'm curious to try The Ordinary Foundation :D

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  5. A lot of new beauty products :)

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  6. Great post dear!

  7. Sounds amazing! I'd love to try these products!

  8. I have no words! This is such a beautiful look! I so badly need you dress and shoes <3 Lovely post! <3
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  9. The nude lipstick looks lovely! I'm sure it looks very pretty on!

  10. Super awesome that you got to try the ordinary foundation. It has received race reviews all over. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the huda beauty foundation when you get it. I have been wanting that one for ages! 😀🌟✨

    1. I will be having a Huda Beauty foundation review soon - but the Ordinary one is pretty good. :)