Monday, 7 May 2018

My picks from the Essence Wood You Love Me? Collection

Hi guys ! Happy Monday. How was your weekend ??

Today I'm sharing some of the goodies I got from the Essence Wood You Love Me Limited Edition collection. As always - this isn't everything in the collection - just the products that I felt I needed. There is still some cute nail files , make-up sponges eye pencils and two other polishes in the collection. 

So let's jump into the goodies I got ...

Essence Energizing Eye Sheet Mask - Foxever in Love & Essence Hydrating Face Sheet Mask be Happy! Be A Bunny R44 each 
If you follow me on social media you know it's no secret that I am obsessed with sheet masks (and masks in general to be honest). So I knew these I just had to have . These masks have cute animal inspired prints on the sheet and look super adorable. I haven't tried them yet - but once I do I will share them on social media. Both are super easy to use and stay on for 15 minutes (the perfect me time after a long day )
Essence Highlighter & Blush Palette in my Heart is Yours R64
I'm a sucker for Essence blushes - even though I can guarantee you I don't need ANY more blushes in my collection. This duo has a golden toned highlighter and a rosy pink blush. I love how small and compact it is and perfect to throw into a make-up bag or take along to a weekend away . 
Swatches of the highlighter and blush. 
The highlighter can be built up - while I prefer a more peachy toned highlight this golden hue is really gorgeous and the intensity can be built up easily ( or if used with a setting spray will have a more golden metallic toned hue ) . The blush is the perfect autumn / winter toned blush to warm up my cheeks on a cold day. And swoon who doesn't love a good Essence blush. 
Essence Nail Polish Sweet Kisses R44
Honestly ... this is such a Lynette colour. These are the types of pinks I REALLY REALLY adore for everyday wear. Again - usually the limited edition polishes are amazing. The other two colours in the range is a green and a brown (which isn't my personal taste but both are still gorgeous ! ) 
Essence Smokey Eye Duo Brush R49
I love Essene make-up brushes and was intrigued  by the shape of this brush. The top part is V shaped - making it super easy to create a smokey eye look at the corner of your eye easily. The bottom part is a soft blending brush making blending the colour in easily. And let's be real - it's a pretty cute looking brush too !
Essence From the Forest With Love Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette R79
Okay ... I wasn't 100% sure about the greens in this palette. The shades are all soft and gorgeous and bends easily. The dark green surprised me - I can see myself using that colour in a future make-up look. The sparkly light green - meh not so much. Overall - the brown tones in this palette is a gem. 

Overall the eyeshadows are buttery and blends easily. The light green sparkly shade I can't see myself really using it ... the browns are all gorgeous and the dark green surprised me by being pretty awesome too. The highlighter is nice and brightening - and can perk up the inner corner of any eye-look . 
Essence You are My Absolute Favorite! Lip Palette R79
The lipsticks smell amazingly yummy ! I was surprised how easily they apply - you can use a lip brush for more precision but I have been using my finger to tap on for a light wash of colour on my lips. I was surprised how different the swatches looked from the palette though - as the end colour looks almost dark brown / blackish to me. 

The reds are all gorgeous - you get a nice rich version and a more metallic one ! The dark brown / black looking one in the palette turned out to be a gorgeous berry toned shade. The nudes gives you a metallic and a pretty beige toned colour. Overall I'm more impressed than I thought I would be .

Overall I was pretty impressed with the collection - but the must haves from this collection is without a doubt the lippy palette and the cute sheet masks if you love a good sheet mask. The blush / highlighter duo is also pretty convenient if you travel a lot or just love a good blush. 

How was YOUR weekend ? Have you picked up anything from this collection ??


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  2. Lovely products and beautiful colors!
    Kisses, Paola.

  3. Such a great products!
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  4. We get such limited products from essence in my area and I feel like so many of them are great--at least from what I have tried. I think the products look nice...I just don't think I would get much use out of them...maybe just the polish! :)

    1. The polish colour is pretty nice ... but I regret not getting the other two now lol

  5. Thanks a lot :D

    all products sounds amazing my dear :D

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  6. Fantastic colors!

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  7. This collection is really cute. I love essence products.

  8. Cutest face mask packaging and great swatches babe
    Love your review!

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  9. Great post!

  10. I need to try this type of mask!

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  11. I do love a bit of essence, the blush looks lovely, I'm also addicted to blushers haha

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  13. The nail polish color and highlighter are really cute!