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{Beauty Tools Edition } Jade Face Roller

Hi guys. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

I'm doing a mini series on the blog on my current favourite beauty tools - and today my bestie - Siobhan who is a Crystal Healer will chat to you guys about Jade Rollers. 

I bought a Jade Roller last year December after hearing her rave about it for quite some time (and her skin always looks AMAZING in her selfies ) .

So enough rambling from my side ... let me leave you in her capable hands .


Hi Everyone - today I wanted to talk about Crystal Rollers, specifically Jade rollers for if you’ve ever wondered how to use a Jade roller on your face.

Lynette has graciously asked me to chat about this with you. If you don’t know who I am, I am Siobhan from Crystal Healing by Siobhan. Crystals are my hobby and passion. I love to talk about crystals and I also offer crystal healing sessions, predominantly distance healing… because I decided I wanted to help anyone irrespective of where they are on this planet.
Apart from my website, you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.


The Jade rollers that are all the rage in South Africa (finally) are not actually true Jade. True Jade, Jadeite, is actually quite pricey. Most, if not all of the rollers on the market are Nephrite Jade, some are Nephrite Jade coated with Serpentine. Despite what Jade your roller actually is, it’s lovely for the face.
Jade Rollers can come with one roller or one roller on each end with one being bigger and the other much smaller.


Crystal rollers have the following benefits when used:
  • Improves blood circulation in the face.
  • Encourages Lymph drainage.
  • Stimulates the face.
  • Soothing and relaxing for the skin.

Any roller will be able to benefit you in the above mentioned ways but when you use a JADE roller, you also are giving some it some Jade lurving.

Jade is very beneficial for the skin and overall a very healing crystal.
It’s important to note that a Jade roller is NOT going to heal your face or pimples overnight. Crystals work on a slow energetic rate and they are not to be used as a substitute for any medical practises.


I recommend starting on a clean canvas so wash your face, tone and moisturise.

You can then use your roller by starting on one side and gently rolling on your face from the middle outward toward the hairline. Move over to the other side of your face.
Once you have rolled your face, you can roll over your neck by gently rolling down from the jawline to the collarbone.
It is important to not put too much pressure on the face so experiment with what feels good pressure wise.
If your roller has a smaller roller on the one side, I like to use those beneath my eyes, on my nose as well as in my frown line (just to say I see you, I acknowledge you, I love you). One these areas I do use the roller with less pressure.

I have recently learnt, thanks to Ecologic, that you can actually use your roller to massage your moisturiser on your face. This isn’t something I have yet tried but I find it incredibly interesting that you can put dabs of your moisturiser on your face and use your roller to massage that into your skin. Just amazing!

The most important part, in my honest opinion, is to use your roller MINDFULLY.
Most mornings we wash our face to get done. We put minimal effort into what we are doing and it is such second nature, part of our daily routine.
While you are using your roller, be kind to yourself. Here are some suggestions that I like to say while I am rolling:
  • I love my skin.
  • I love my face.
  • My skin is healing every day.
  • My skin is rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • I glow.

And can you use a crystal or Jade roller for a massage on other parts of your body? SURE! It can give a nice, gentle hand massage too!


Once you have finished using your Jade roller, give it a wash with some gentle face wash and thoroughly dry it. You don’t want your metal bits to rust over time.
You can store it in a silk wrap or cotton bag.
I would recommend to wash it after use because you don’t want to transfer excess oils onto clean skin the next time you use your roller.


You could use your roller every day as part of your self-care but I would recommend for at least once a week to spend time doing something nice for your face. Not everyone goes for a facial once a month so if you don’t, get rolling ;)


Anyone can use a Jade roller and it will benefit anyone who uses it. If not mindfully, you will still get the physical benefits of using the roller.

Even massage therapists can use a crystal roller if they want to spice up their facial packages.

Moms and Daughters can plan a little facial together. There is nothing nicer than giving a facial to someone you love and gifting them with some love in a very mindful way. You could even do this for your partner so yes, this is even for MEN!

A special shout out to Nail Therapy SA Training and Distribution for my Jade Roller and Ecologic Skincare for my Rose Quartz Roller!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Join the discussion below to share with Lynette and I whether you use a Crystal Roller. If so, which do you use and how do you feel about it?


Thanks so much for taking over the blog today and sharing more about Jade Rollers Siobhan !

Do you have a Jade Roller you use ??


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