Monday, 18 June 2018

New On My Beauty Desk - June

Hi guys ! Happy Monday . Hope you had a great weekend !

June so far has been a pretty exciting month blog wise. I have so many new goodies that landed on my beauty desk that will all get their own dedicated posts ... But today I'm sharing some of the thing I picked up so far. (And luckily I'm impressed with most of them so far - yeah ! )

Avon ANEW Transforming Cleansing Balm
With the colder months upon us I really love using a Cleansing Balm. I mentioned the Pink Cosmetics one HERE in my March Monthly favourites and when I saw Avon came out with a new one I knew I had to try it. This one is a more balmy formula - I love how it is unscented and does an amazing job at removing make-up. The balm is a little bit of a harder formula - but yet again a little does go a long way. I do prefer this one a little more as I feel my eyes don't sting for a second or two after removing my mascara as it does with the other one. 
Avon ANEW Perfect Skin Instant Blurring Treatment
I have a few primers I am currently using and when I saw Avon came out with a new one I had to try it. This doesn't feel super silliconey but does a decent job of blurring your imperfections on your skin. I love using this on a day I wear no make-up too - as it makes me look more flawless. As a primer it does make your foundation last longer on your skin . All downside for me personally - it does have a quite perfumey scent - it does disappear after a few minutes but it's worth a mention .I don't like using silicone based primers too many days in a row - but this one doesn't clog up my skin and give me breakouts so I'm pretty impressed.  

Essence I love Effect Eyeshadow Base
It's no secret that the Essence eyeshadow primer is my go to primer . It's pretty affordable and does a great job at making your eyeshadow look good during the day. I have both the nude version and the pink version so I knew I had to pick up the grey version too. I'm sure this will be perfect to intensify a smokey eye or give some darker vibes to my current eyeshadow looks. I'm pretty excited to try this one out. 
Wet n Wild Photofocus eyeshadow primer
Another eyeshadow primer ??? Yes ! When Simran on Instragram mentioned this as her go to eyeshadow primer ( You should also totally follow here page HERE ) I knew I had to try it too. It was a little pricier but she mentioned she had oily eyelids and this primer works wonders on her. I have a few eyeshadow palettes that even with the Essence eyeshadow primer won't last a whole workday on me - and I wanted a great primer especially for those shadows. This does exactly that. It makes your eyeshadow look last FOREVER !! Even after a very very very late night my eyeshadow still looks perfect . I keep this one especially for those palettes now or when I know I'm having an extra long day.

Essence Keep It Perfect Setting Spray
This is one of the BEST and most affordable Essence setting sprays. It makes your make-up melt into your skin and helps it look flawless and less powdery - and helps it last longer too. This and the matte setting sprays is some of the best most affordable ones on the market . 
Cettua Spot Clear Patch 
When I saw these when I popped into Clicks I knew I had to try them . I do suffer from the occasional spot and these seem perfect. They are clear patches (there are two sizes a smaller one and a bigger one ) These you can put on overnight (for up to 12 hours ) that helps combat spots and blemishes. It really does work wonders (it won't make it disappear overnight but it does a pretty decent job at shrinking it ! ) and it helps to not pick at the spot. I bought the Skin Strategy ones too - and will do that in a separate post but I love this discovery ! 

Anything here you would like a full review on ?? Anything fun and new you tried lately that I need to try too ??


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    1. It's really good - very impressed so far.

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    all products are amazing, but I'm super curious with Anew Instante Bluring Treatment! :o

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  7. I think i really need to try a primer.
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  16. Ooh I need to get the Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer. I was thinking of getting the urban decay one again but this one is way more affordable. 😊💙

    1. This one works amazing Desle . I'm amazed how good my eyeshadow looks at night now.

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  19. Oh very interesting products darling