Monday, 16 July 2018

My Winter Skin Savers - Hand & Cuticle Care

Hi guys ! Happy Monday ! Did you watch the soccer World Cup last nigth ? It was such an amazing match !

Things have been a little quiet over here on the blog the last few weeks - I've been down with a cold and school holidays meant being a little bit busier than normal. But luckily schools are starting again tomorrow so then it will be back to normal . Now if only I can get better again ...

The last few weeks my hands have been EXTREMELY dry and my cuticles got extremely dry and painful. Apparently just buying products doesn't help if you don't actually use them. I got a box full of goodies from Justine to review on the blog - just as I ordered the hand scrub and hand cream and decided to put these products to the test. 

Justine Honey Herbal Hand Scrub
I was in the market for a good hand scrub (which I couldn't find anywhere) to pamper my nails a bit when I do them. I decided to pick up this scrub. It smells incredible spa- like and has fine granules to exfoliate dry hands and cuticles and prep it for moisturiser . The granules aren't rough on your skin - which makes this the perfect once / twice a week step in my routine. 

Justine Tissue Cuticle Treatment 
This product has been mentioned in a few nail-care posts HERE and HERE and again with good reason. This cuticle oil really does wonders for dry cuticles. This has been a repurchase a few times in the last few years . It has the classic tissue oil scent but does an amazing job at hydrating. I try to use this oil before bedtime and after I do my nails - but I have really neglected my routine lately with the dry weather and being sick (and using tons and tons of hand sanitisers ) so at night time I do switch it up every few nights with the Justine Tissue Oil Multi-Purpose Balm. 
Justine Tissue Oil Multi Purpose Balm
Now this is some magic unicorn sorcery in this container. I have never used any cuticle product that makes such a huge difference like this container of magic. The Justine Multi Purpose balm isn't just a cuticle balm - you can use it on chapped lips - any dry skin areas but this is a must have product . A little goes a long way but this can make sore , ragged cuticles look so much smoother and almost normal within a day . I'm seriously impressed and can't recommend this product enough.  
Justine Tissue Oil Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream
This was a freebie with some other tissue oil products I ordered and I'm really impressed. This hand cream absorbs really quickly into the skin but leaves it feeling hydrated and looking and feeling moisturised. I prefer to keep this tube next to my bed and use it at night before I get into bed - as I'm using the Tissue Oil cuticle treatment too and I feel they go together extremely well. 
Justine Honey Herbal Hand Treatment Cream First of all - I love hand creams that has a pump bottle. It makes it so much easier to use on my way out the door in the morning - I can just pump some into my hands and massage it in as I walk out the door. I really love how hydrating the Honey Herbal Treatment Cream is - I feel it's a little more hydrating than the Tissue Oil version too. This doesn't absorb as quickly as the Tissue oil one - but I find this is perfect after I just did my nails before taking photos to post on social media and in the morning as I'm on my way to work / dropping of Alex at school were I know I won't be touching papers etc as this is a little greasier and absorbs a bit slower.  I do feel of the two this is the better one if you have extremely dry hands and cuticles. The do have smaller versions of tubes too - if you prefer an easy to throw into your handbag version.

These are all products that really saved my hands and cuticles in the last two weeks .

Have you tried any of these products before ??

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The Justine Honey Herbal Treatment was sent to review 


  1. thanks dear :D

    hmm, looks an amazing routine. all products sounds great!

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  2. Amazing review, all these products sound good! I hope you get well soon! ❤

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  3. Oh very interesting products~ I didn´t know this brand.

  4. I would love to try a cuticle treatment to see if it makes any different to the nails.

  5. Nice and effective too.
    Nice review.


  6. So many lovely products Lynette!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. I have a weak and color faded nails and this treatment sounds great.
    I should try soon!

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

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    I think my nails need a treament like that.

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  11. I honestly enjoyed the soccer world cup so much. It was the best! 😀 I have never used Justine products before.

    1. You seriously need to try some - they have such an amazing handcare range x