Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tip Top Miraculous Results

Hi guys. As promised , I'm going to tell you about this stunning treatment base coat from Tip Top. Firstly, I have to say, it lives up to its name. :) It really strenghtens and protects your nails like nothing else. My nails even "feels" stronger with this fab base coat on.

Tip Top Miraculous Results
Here's the description from Tip Top's website :

"All you need for beautiful nails. Guaranteed! 1) Smoothing Base Coat 2) Strengthener 3) Growth Activator 4) Nail Colour in One
Improve the future of your nails! Advanced technology and high performance ingredients are combined to deliver the benefits of four treatments in one revolutionary formula to help rebuild nails from foundation to surface! A unique blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro and natural ingredients that enhance keratinization, creating a cushion that protects nails. Especially effective for anyone who wants to keep nails pliable and flexible. Proven Results: -Dramatically stronger, healthy nails.Visibly longer, smoother nails -Incredibly shiny, protected manicure - 100% pure colour for French Manicures or polished nails."

Honestly, if you have week nails, damaged nails , this is one of the best base coats there it treatment wise. It really helps get your nails stronger faster.

If anyone wants to read more about the Tip Top products.. Here's a link to their website :

Remember, all Tip Top products retail at Clicks. ♥

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