Friday, 15 March 2013

Pastel Triangles ♥

Hi guys ! How is everyone doing ? This had been a horrible week so far, with so much going on , that I'm just glad it's Friday. This weekend we got some fun plans too, Alex has a friends birthday party , and then I can finally chill and de-stress after this week .

So as promised, I will show a mini tutorial about the zip lock bag metode - The ideas you can do here are endless, I will be showing some awesome craft punches manis using this metode really soon too -
First off, I will quickly explain the steps :
  • Put a layer of polish on a zip lock bag (or any other thick-ish plastic bag )
  • Let it dry for about 4 hours ( but never more than a day or two or the layer will break)
  • Gently peel of the polish layer with a tweezers .
  • Then using scissors / craft punches or craft knives, cut out a design of your choice
  • Paint your nails as normal, and before applying top coat, gently put your designed piece on top with tweezers / orange stick or toothpick
  • Seal with top coat and voila ! A fun design mani !
So here is my Pastel Triangles mani . For this mani I first used two coats of Tip Top French Manicure White. I then but a layer of each of the following Tip Top colours on the zip lock bag to dry - Melting Marshmallow, Fairy Dust, Cha Cha Cha, Lemon Fuel and Twilight and then cut them into fun triangles.
And it's really as easy as that. I really wanted to have a fun colourful mani for the birthday parties we are attending this weekend, and I just adore the outcome. ♥

As you might have noticed, my nails are a lot shorter again too, I had a horrible nail break on my non blogging hand, and it felt silly leaving one nail so short and the rest longer, so I will be showing a few shorter nails in the next few posts again .

Have you tried some of this zip lock bag nail art ? If you did please leave me the link, or feel free to email me them, I would LOVE to see your work too. ♥

Anyone have any fun weekend plans ?? I'm hoping the weather stays this cool, it's quite nice to have cooler Autumn weather finally approaching. ♥


  1. That looks amazing *Peter*

  2. Wow that actaully looks easy enough to try out this weekend ! Thanks for the mini tutorial Lynette ! Hope you have a nice de-stressing weekend ! *CINDY *

  3. Wow Lynn, gorgeous as always ! I LOVE this mani, and the colours you used. I havent tried the ziplock bag metod, but I think I might give it a whirl soon.

  4. Love the short and sweet tutorial !! Thanmks ! Lovely design and such awesome spring colours !

  5. Dearest, remember I love you and you can always find fun and relaxation time sending msgs my way. I have plans on talking with you this weekend.
    This is probably the best post so far, love that you did a tutorial and I love these nails, so fun, colorful and yet simple looking.
    Must have been a little compliated but fun too to make it.
    I love them ,they look great and bright with that white base and those pastel colors!
    Your title pic reminds me of the great spanish director Almodovar, he is now coming in the theatres with a new movie made in his signature '80's style, and this design and image are so '80, in a super positive way!
    Kisses and hugs, love you

    1. Thanks so much my dear friend ♥

  6. Sorry only getting time to comment now. LOVE the lenght of your nails, as well as the design. My favourite is the Cha Cha Cha colour , and the Fairy Dust ( I know it's a firm favourite of yours too . ) Have a relaxing weekend Lynn!

  7. Wow , i never knew such mani was this easy & fun ?

    amazing tutorial Lynn , thanks alot . hope you will do more of those much often .


  8. Great post ! Would you like to follow each other?