Monday, 4 March 2013

Tip Top Mosaic Mani ♥

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend ! Mine was , even fitted some shopping in over the weekend !

Today I'm showing you my Tip Top Mosaic Mani for the challenge. You had to use red, nudes, browns , pinks and purples with black outlines for this challenge. ♥ I have to say, I've never attempted a mosaic mani, so this was a fun first attempt for me.
And the beautiful colours I used ...
Have you ever tried a mosaic mani ? Relevant links are welcome . I'm not sure if I like this look on nails, but it was fun to try for the challenge ♥

How was your weekend ??


  1. Freaken gorgeous Lynette. I LOVE the colours together. ♥ *CINDY *

  2. I think it looks really pretty Lynette! The colours go beautifully together!

  3. Really gorgeous ! I can't see why you dont like this design , I LOVE it ! Really pretty amd the colours looks gorgeous together !!

  4. Awesome ! Stunning as always Lynette !

  5. Stunning ! Love the colours combanation !

  6. lovely , i love mosaic art in general , great ideas for a Mani .


  7. Super gorgeous ! I love mosaic art, so this is gorgeous !

  8. I think this is great, I particularly like it! I had in mind something like this too since a long time, but with white lines, I found it on youtube
    but I never was good enough to end up with something nice and properly made. I think this is very classy and fun at same time.
    Your nails look great in this one, and your work of art came out perfectly!
    Great colors selection!

    1. PS. Always me with another account..

    2. Thanks , I know it's you on your other account. Hee hee hee. For the challenge we had to use black outlines, but I'll def check white ones out too. (Although I doubt I'll ever attempt them again :) )