Friday, 8 March 2013

Woman Empowerment Mani ♥

Hi guys ! It's finally weekend !! This week has seriously one tough week, so I'm really glad it's over ♥

So Ghila from NailsNoob suggested last week, we do a colab mani for their Woman's Day (I know we only celebrate in August ) but I still wanted to take part in this special challenge, so I joined in with a Woman Empowerment mani ♥ This is my tribute to every woman and girl - I hope each and every one of you will wake each and every morning, knowing YOU are special. ♥

For this mani, I used mostly Tip Top colours .
Pinkie - Tip Top Melting Marshmallow
Ring : Pink About Us stamped with Konad Special White Polish and Plate M65
Middle : China Glaze Material Girl
Pointer : Tip Top French Manicure White, with Dots with the Ziplock bag method (will be posting a special tutorial next week )
Thumb : Tip Top Melting Marshmallow

 I hope each and every special lady reading this blog post, will have a fantastic day and weekend !!

Remember to go check out the lovely Ghila's blogpost too -

If you've done any special post for Woman's Day Celebration if your an international blogger, or for woman empowerment , please feel free to leave e the link and I'll gladly go check it out ♥


  1. Stunning !!! I LOVE this look !!! Can't wait for the tutorial on the ziplock thing, those dots look perfect !! *CINDY*

  2. Perfection ! I love the femine touches you did. And this gorgeous look is even better in real life Lynette. :)

    P.S - I think I'm your first male follower.. See I do notice your nails :P

    1. Thanks Jason, fun to know guys also notice my manis. :)

  3. Gorgeous ! Yes I saw on google it's international womans day.. No idea why we only have ours in August. O well. I LOVE the rose stamp so much, I need that Konad plate

  4. This is amazing Lynn! Thank you so so much for joining me in this cause, dear :) I really appreciate it, since we can really make a difference by informing ourselves and others and by not forgetting important things. I have my second International Women's Day on the blog right now! Your thecnique is flowless as always and your capability to put together different colors and designs by coming up with a unique and great overall look surprises me every single time! Very girly and classy. Love

    1. Thanks so much my dear friend, glad you like it. LOVED your manis, both are gorgeous ♥

  5. Gorgeous as always. Love the colours together hun !

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  7. i say perfection , love those flirty prints on your lovely nails , amazing ,

    i have changed my blog's URL ,

  8. Thanks so much. Will bookmark your new url...