Friday, 12 April 2013

Spring Fling Challenge : Watermarble

Hi guys ! It's finally Friday, don't know how many of you have been counting the days until this weekend like me. I must admit, the cooler weather is finally settling in again, which does mean a nice cool weekend. ♥

Today is the last day of the Spring Fling Challenge, and the theme is Water marble or Gradient. I decided to do a water marble, since I hardly ever do them, except for challenges, and I decided I needed some more practise with water marbling. ♥

The colours I used for the Marble :
Tip Top French Manicure White, Tip Top We have an Agreenmint, Tip Top Orange You Lovely , Tip Top Sun Kissed, Tip top Grape To Meet You, Tip Top Pink About Us, and Tip Top Nail Addict Wild Thing. ♥
It may be far from perfect, but I loved the bright fun colours , and to get in some more practise with water marbling.

Again, please go check out the fellow gorgeous ladies work from the challenge too -
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Here's a recap of my previous mani's for this challenge -

Again thanks to Elena and Kelly for hosting this super fun challenge... It was super fun joining in this challenge and discovering some super talented fellow bloggers , all you ladies are fantastic ♥

(Hope the other ladies don't mind the use of their pics for the thank you msg )

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend !


  1. Ah! I love these! Those bright colors with the awesome swirl! So cool

  2. Wow they look amazing *Peter*

  3. Gorgeous ! I love the summery colours, so bright and gorgeous.

  4. beautiful, love! thank you for all your stunning work! the colors are off the chart! Love it, Lynn!

  5. Superb for a watermarble. Gorgeous colours used too.

  6. wow , i love this Mani ,
    so funky & youthful 2 .

    all of the Mani's you did are great sweetie .


  7. Omg this marble is perfect! I adore the colours you choose and they match awesomely giving it bright, happy, sunny look!
    You are amazing also for your always sweet and caring ideas, and this one of putting some pics of our manis moved me :) love you

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words my friend ! Glad you like the pic of all our manis together, thought it was a nice touch to thank Kelly and Elena ♥

  8. This week was fun! Great watermarble :)

    1. It was super fun ! Loved your manis ♥