Monday, 19 May 2014

Avon Gel Finish - Barely There & Dazzle Pink

Hi guys ! Hope you had a stunning weekend. I just relaxed at home for a change .. Was nice getting a few things done at home.

Today I'm sharing 2 new nail polishes from Avon's Gel Finish range - Barely There & Dazzle Pink. These polishes come in shades, and don't require a base coat and top coat, has a gel like finish .

Barely There is the first one of the two I tried. I LOVE nude nail polishes, they are perfect for office and for everyday wear . The formula applied like butter, and I LOVED the shine. I didn't use base coat or top coat and this polish remained chip free and perfect for 5days ! Only on day 6 did a few chips start to show . I'm really impressed with this one ! This really is perfection in a bottle. 

I used 2 coats of Avon Gel Finish Barely There in the photos below -
The next one is Avon Gel Finish Dazzle Pink. I have to admit, the colour pulls a lot more peach toned in the photos and in real life than it looks in the bottle. This formula was also a little more sheer than Barely There, but it's still a gorgeous colour. This colour has the same wear time .

I used 3 coats of Avon  Gel Finish Dazzle Pink in the photos below - 

These polishes are still on special this month - 1 for R59 or 2 for R99 .. Formula is fantastic and I'm thinking about picking up a few more. 

Have you tried any gel finish polishes lately ? 


  1. LOVE Barely There.. Looks like I need that one for sure !!

    1. It's my favourite of the two too !

  2. beauty nails!!

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    1. Yes I'm still wearing it currently .. GORGEOUS !!

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    1. Have to agree, the formula is fantastic on these polishes.

  5. Beautiful color!! Thank you for your comment and for following us, following you too on gfc as Fadia Ghada
    a beautiful maison

  6. I'm such a huge fan of coral and light pinkish nail colors and this is just lovely!
    Now following you on GFC and Twitter.
    Feel free to follow back!

  7. I love these. I can't decide which is prettier. I love the nude but then I like the peachy pink more!! And bonus that the formula is rocking

    1. Thanks Voni. The nude is my favourite though .