Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Remember to Vote today !

Hi guys ! Hope you are all doing well. As you know (and for the international ladies that doesn't know... ) today is the day to cast your vote in our Election. I really hope that you do go out and vote today. 

So , since today is election day, I decided to do a mani inspired by the IEC Election logo so this is my #NOTD too. I really love how my little logo turned out.

So onto the mani - 
Polishes I used :
Pinky & Thumb- OPI I Vant to Be A-Lone Star with a black stud
Ring & Index - Essence The Boy next Door topped with Essence Crack!Me White
Middle - IEC Logo 

Have a lovely Wednesday ! 


  1. Stunning .. .Wow ! I voted early this morning.. Almost qued 2 hours..

    1. Luckily we were in and out in about an hour...

  2. Aah I love this design! Amazing! :)

  3. great idea and i love the white and blue design it came out so bright and summery and i love the thecnique will try it

  4. yes i love ur spirit , , you have the perfect main for every occasion ,,,, brilliant work