Saturday, 1 July 2017

AXE Daily Fragrance

Hi guys . Happy Saturday . How has your week been ? Mine has been a little hectic - I'm going away for a few days and I had so much stuff to sort out at home and work. 

ManBox and Rubybox  sent me some of the new Axe Daily Fragrances to give to the men in my life to try out and review. Manbox is such an awesome sight to read review on manly products - as I know me as a woman tend to be clueless on the latest in man grooming trends. Today I will be sharing a little more about the range with you guys - but keep your eyes peeled for another full review on the scents soon.  

So let me give you the rundown on the difference - 

Antiperspirant Helps You Stay Dry
Like the name implies, antiperspirants keep you from sweating. They work by covering your sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat on skin that generates odour. If you do not want wet patches from sweat on your clothes, this is the thing for you.

Daily Fragrance Makes You Smell Fly
Daily Fragrance is applied to the chest and adds that extra bit of fragrance to make an impression.
Now you’ve got the facts.  Wear an antiperspirant together with a complementary daily fragrance every day to help you keep dry and smell great.
Use a daily fragrance like Axe Black Daily Fragrance along with Axe Night Antiperspirant Stick to smell good and stay protected from sweat. Or choose a dry spray antiperspirant like Axe Charge Up Protection Dry Spray for a clean, fresh feeling.

These are pretty affordable and user friendly - my favourite scent on a guy so far is the Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla variety . This smells AMAZING on my friend who is currently testing it out. Scents play such an important role - and this for me is such a sexy scent on a guy. 

Ladies - what's your favourite scent on a man ? And guys .. your favourite fragrance ??


  1. I would like to try Oud Wood!
    Love, Paola.

    1. I like the scent the most of the three . :)

  2. Wow! It sounds so good, thanks for sharing
    Have a nice week
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  3. Thanks a lot :D

    I don't like Axe products my dear :( Btw, nice review :D

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  4. Sooooo nice! I love it so much!


  5. They seem great, i think i'd love to smell the iced musk one ^^

    1. That was the least favourite scent for me - but keep an eye out for the review on each scent next week.

  6. Nice
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  7. Great Post.
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  8. I love it so much! Great post!


  9. Great post dear!

  10. Axe brings a lot of memories. I think every guy in high school back in early 2000 have those :D

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  11. We are huge fans of the AXE products here!!! I am currently using lots of mists instead of perfume, I spray them all day! x


  12. AXE does a really great products, good to know that your men in your life were pleased with the result of using them :)

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  14. these products sound very good
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