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Hi guys - Happy Wednesday. How has your week been so far ?

Today I'm sharing a fun little Lego person I created on  - a website that specialises in Personalised Lego Gifts that you can create or choose from the already made sets. This is such an  unique idea - especially for those hard to shop people or when you are looking for something truly unique to gift someone. These make cute birthday / graduation / thinking of you or even corporate gifts. 

When I was contacted by the company - I knew I would ask my son (Alex who's 7 ) to help with reviewing the whole process. He's a avid Lego collector and loves all things Lego related. You can easily create a fantasy mini figure or re-create yourself - which I think is such an awesome idea. They also have a cute little Lego stands for your mini figure that you can personalise with your own message - making the gifting opportunities endless. You can work from creating a male or female figure - picking out every step from hair , face , clothes and fun accessories - they have a whole separate category to even add a mini pet for yourself - how cute ! The possibilities are really endless . And this is also the best part - taking time and scrolling through all the options you have. The check out process is pretty easy and the website user friendly. 

When you done with the fun part of creating your little mini figure - you get your little mini figure safely packed in the cute yellow box - perfect for storing your figure . This also looks pretty smart if you plan to gift the figure . They also include a mini yellow gift bag - these extras really makes this the perfect gift option. The really pay attention to detail here . The mini figure comes fully assembled - but you can mix and match the accessories you chose as you please.  If you want - you can also just order accessories - no need to create a figure if you don't feel like it. Which is cool too - since I mentioned my son LOVES Lego so we are always looking for unique pieces. 

And here is our end result - a perfect little mini figure. Alex chose everything from the green hair , face , shirt and pants. They have millions of options - but he chose to represent himself as a kid (hence why the legs are shorter ) . You can pick out your accessories too - in which case he picked out some things he really loves - like the paintbrush and artist palette. We did pick out a few extra accessories - as well as his fantasy pet (a snake ! ) 
Here are some of the accessories he picked out - a Lego steak , a Lego guitar , a paintbrush and artist palette. There's some fun Lego food as well as cute girly accessories too - I'm in the process of ordering myself a little figure too - which I will show on the blog soon too. The options are endless - tools , food , kitchen wear , mini Lego babies , doctor accessories , weapons - you can create your little figure to be anything YOU can dream. 
And here is the little pet we chose - a pet snake. And a little steak to feed the snake. The whole process was super fun , easy and all and all I can see myself ordering some for gifts for friends and family (especially those hard to shop for people - why not create a little figure for them ? ) They do offer international shipping too - so if you don't live in South Africa you can most certainly get the figure delivered to your door too. International orders are sent via Airmail - and shipping is pretty reasonable. National orders get free delivery for orders over R300 - otherwise R60 shipping which isn't bad at all. 

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The also run great give-aways and promotions from time to time and showcase new stock - so definitely worth a follow . 

Have a great week guys !
* I was given freedom to create a little mini figure to review. All thoughts on them are my own*


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