Monday, 17 July 2017

Some new Eau Thermale Avène Goodies I'm Trying

Hi guys . Happy Monday. How was your weekend ? It's FREEZING cold in Johannesburg this morning - I know I will need a few cups of coffee and tea to warm up today . ( For my international readers - it's currently the middle of winter here in South Africa)

A little while back I decided to try some more goodies from the Avène Eau Thermale range while stocking up on the Spring Water Spray while I was ordering from Clicks online. It's no secret that I LOVE the Spring Water spray - so I won't review that here again. If you like to read my thoughts on it - you can click HERE.

The Cold Cream range looked extremely tempting to try out - and pretty affordable so I decided to give it a go. I have used Cold Creams before and I love the texture and how they work on my skin - so was really keen to try it out. I got three products from the Cold Cream range - The Cold Cream cream , the Cold Cream Hand Cream and the Cold Cream Lip cream. 

So onto the products :

Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream
This is a thicker type of hydrating cream - and boy does this help to hydrate and smooth extremely dry skin. I love using this at night time as  my skin needs an extra boost of hydration - and I wake up with smooth and hydrated skin - my skin looks glowing and not tight and dry. As I mentioned this is a thicker type of cream - and a little really goes a long way. I think this might be a little bit too rich to use during the day - so I haven't tried it out in the morning yet . The cream is also pretty affordable so it won't break the bank to try out. 
Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream Hand Cream
I have to be honest - after I got my parcel I was pretty meh that I decided to try out the hand cream . I like soft moisturised hands - but some hand creams leaves an oily residue or your hands a little sticky. I'm way to busy to sit around and give hand creams time to soak it . So I was a little apprehensive to try out this one. I decided to pop it into my holiday bag - and WOW ! This hand cream hydrates your skin instantly - leaving you with beautiful soft hands and absorbs SUPER quickly into your hands. I love how the texture on my hands I seem to get in winter have disappeared and my hands feels so smooth and hydrated. But I do feel this cream has a bit of a weird scent. It doesn't linger long but I feel it's worth a mentioned. I will most certainly re-purchase this hand cream once I am done with the tube. 

Eau Thermale Avène Lip Cream
Now I have mentioned before on the blog - I have extremely dry sensitive lips all year round. The get red and irritated super quickly - so I hoped this lip balm would be a good one without breaking the bank . I did love the Nuxe one - but it's gotten pricey and I felt it was too much of a luxury for a lip balm. This lip balm works wonders - it instantly hydrates sore dry lips and help them be happy kissable lips again. I feel here a little goes a long way - and I mostly use it at night before bed and in the morning before make-up when my lips feels dry. This doesn't feel waxy - it does feel a little bit stickier but that doesn't bother me. All downside though - the first few uses the lip balm is extremely hard to use - it's a squeezy tub and you have to struggle a bit to get some out . After a few uses it's a lot easier but I can see this being tricky for some people at first. 

Overall I'm extremely impressed with these products so far and I'm glad I gave some more products in the range a try . They were also pretty affordable - which is a bonus. 

Have you tried anything from the brand ? 


  1. They look like a great ones,

  2. Thanks a lot :D

    I use some Avene products dear. I loooove thermal whater and Cleanance Matt cream because I've oily skin :P

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    1. I used to have oily skin - I will keep an eye out for if my skin changes again in summer.

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    1. Yes , I'm really falling in love with the brand.

  4. You will not believe this but I have not tried out any avene products yet, they all sound so amazing.

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  5. I love Avene, it's such a great brand! xx

  6. The Avene Thermal water spray is my companion for these hot days, I finished two bottles already, I love it!! x


    1. I love it too ... I'm already on bottle no 4 - but I use it for everything so no surprise there lol.

  7. Great post dear!

  8. Three products I've totally been wanting to try of theirs! I've been loving the Avene products lately - check out my post on them ;)

  9. i love Avene, is my best brand
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    have an happy day

  10. I love this brand but surprisingly I've not tried any of these yet. They have so many great products! I'm interested in that balm.

  11. Thank you so much for the review on the cold cream. I have been wanting to try it out for a while now. I am definitely going to purchase it. 💗💗💗

    1. It's really worth it - I was surprised how well it worked.

  12. I've been loving the Avene products