Monday, 25 June 2012

BYS : Colour Changing Polish Purple Glitter

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a great weekend, it was freezing last night ! Brr !! Thank goodness for a electric blanket or I would be an ice-cube today .

Last week I got my BYS colour changing polish I ordered  . I decided to try the Purple Glitter one . The idea sounded quite unique. So was interested to see if it really worked. This particular purple is suppose to change to a pinkish version.

 Was pleasantly surprised by the outcome . I used three Coats of BYS Colour Changing Purple Polish and one coat Seche Vite topcoat.

The "Purple" version before any colour changing
The "Purple" version before any colour changing

Here you can see the lighter version colour , the tips are still a purple though  ♥

Another photo of the "Pink" colour changing version

Overall, I think this is a pretty unique idea for a polish. As I'm typing now, my nails are dark purple with pink tips. ♥

If you would like to buy some BYS polishes , I bought mine from Countess Nails on Facebook. Here's the link to the page Countess Nails . Samantha sells all the BYS polishes, and also dotting tools etc . The page also has nail art competitions running .

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