Wednesday, 6 June 2012

China Glaze : Haute Metal

Hi guys. Wednesday already, been a hectic busy week again so far ! Can't wait for the weekend .

Today I'm showing you guys one of the China Glaze crackles - This one is from the China Glaze Metallic Collection. Tip Top also has 4 Crackle polishes, but I prefer the China Glaze ones.  They have 3 crackle collections, and a variety of different colours . China Glaze  has glitter ones, normal ones and then the metallic ones. Today I'm showing you the pale pink one from the collection - Haute Metal.

Firstly, why I prefer these, they don't go all gloopy and hard so fast. I bought my one in March, and its still the same texture as when I bought it. I also like that it's smoother after applying. You'll hardly now your nails got crackle on...

I used Inner Beauty as the base colour, next time I'll try a darker one, so the crackle stand out a little more...

Personally, I love this combo, its not too in your face , but you can still see the pretty pink crackle. ♥

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