Monday, 18 June 2012

Essence : Toffee To Go !

Hi guys. Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!

Today I'm showing you guys a polish from Essence Nude Glam Range. This one is called Toffee To Go !

First off, I have to say, this polish was SUPER thick and streaky. I did thin it out with polish thinners a but, but the streakyness was horrible. And the colour dragged when you put on a second coat, and took forever to dry, even with my Siche Vite topcoat. And that dries any polish instantly basically.

But still, the Seche Vite does smooth out the streakyness a bit. And the colour is a very awesome looking nude , if you have time and patience for it to dry.

I do like the colour on my nails, it really suits me, I just don't have the time or patience sometimes to wait for a polish to dry , especially since Siche Vite can't even get it to dry quicker.


  1. Hi! I have read that the seche vite top coat is tricky to apply, is that so? I need a new top coat and have read so many good things about seche vite, but I’m still not very good at doing my nails and know I will be frustrated.

  2. Hi Chantal. Siche Vite is awesome ! It really dries your polish super fast, I think perhaps thats why some might think its tricky to apply ?? You have to move quick as it really does dry your polish fast. And some polishes doesn't quite work so great with the Seche Vite, and then the shrinkage occurs. (Mostly some China Glaze Glitters and colours I noticed , but for them I bought the China Glaze Fast Foward ) .I never experienced problems with it being tricky to apply though. But I'm sure you won't struggle. It's better than waiting forever for your nails to dry. :) And it gives it a "glasslike" shinyness too.

  3. It’s that shine that makes me want to try it :) what base coat would you recommend? I have just discovered why my manicure doesn’t last…. Wore my new base coat and saw how quickly it chips.

  4. Then you won't be dissapointed. The glasslike shine makes the polish last longer too . :) Personally, I have two basecoats I alternate between - Tip Top Maracilious Results (when I want my nails stronger or longer or using a very light colour as this dries to a white-ish colour) and then China Glaze Adhesive Base Coat. It works great, and I noticed makes my polish last longer too. I have heard that Seche Vite base coat is fantastic too, although I haven't used it before.