Monday, 11 June 2012

Essence : Magic Wand

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a great weekend ! I did !

Today I'm showing you a magnetic nail polish . This one is from Essence and is called Magic Wand. First off.. I have to say, I struggled to finally get the magnet and the polish to work together . ( Perhaps I didn't have the most patience in the world when I started off though... ) This was my last attempt of many.. Sometimes the polish was a little too thick, I didn't keep the magnet close enough, kept it to close and the magnet touched the polish...

Anyhow .. the end results was worth the trouble..

I used 1 coat of Essence Magic Wand Magnetic Polish , with the stripes design magnet...

Here's the magnet and polish together...

This was the first ever magnetic polish I tried, and it does take a little practise to perfect, but it looks really cool and unique. ♥ 

I bought mine from Dischem, there's a few colours to choose from, and then a few magnet designs. ♥


  1. Great review!
    I just bought magic wand too & the magic star! magnet.

    1. Thanks ! I also wanted the star design, but couldn't find it anywhere sadly. :( Magic Wand is the coolest magnetic colour in the range