Monday, 20 January 2014

Back To Work : Best Nude Polishes

Hi guys ! Hope you had an amazing weekend ! I was so glad about the little cooler weather yesterday, seriously the heatwave wasn't the most fun thing ever. 

So since most of you been back at work since last week, I decided to make a special post about some gorgeous goodies for your hands and nails this week to get you back in the work spirit . (Actually who am I kidding no one wants to be back. ) 

I know most of you can't wear crazy bold colours to work, so I've put together some of my favourite nude nail polishes for you . All of these are amazing formula wise, and are all my my personal favourite for work too.  All these polishes has a pretty decent formula, and I used two coats of all the polishes shown below. (Except on the Seche colour one, that was a 1coater) 

So here's my 12 favourite nude polishes -
1) Loreal Rose Bagatelle 
A gorgeous rose pink colour . I love the wide brush and how perfectly the colour suits me.
2) OPI My Vampire is Buff
This is another one of my favourite favourites. I LOVE the colour .
3) OPI Don 't Pretzel my Buttons
This one is a little darker than My Vampire is Buff. I love how this is more beige toned too.
4) Seche Simplicity
This one was a one coater, and the Seche colour range dries pretty fast too . Perfect for when you are in a hurry . 
5) Tip Top Nail Addict Oh So Natural
I love that this colour looks a lot like their Clicks range Hot Fudge, without the streaky-ness. This one really glows on your nails. 
6) Revlon Elegant
Gorgeous nude polish for work or play. 
7) China Glaze Below Deck
Another one of my favourites.I love how this is a little darker (perfect for the darker toned ladies)
8) Nails Inc Soho Mews
This is their leather effect polish, since nude polishes can be fun too. 
9)Zoya Godiva
This is the PERFECT nude texture. It looks amazing and makes you feel like a princess. And it sparkles... Enough said. 
10) Revlon Stormy Night
Another one on the list for the darker toned ladies. The formula on this one is fantastic and it really applies itself.
11) OPI Make Men Blush
Another gorgeous OPI polish. I LOVE the pink-tone in this one too. Really stunning. 
12) China Glaze This One's For You 
This one is a glitter though.. But since the glitter is iridescent and the base bends in perfectly with your skintone, this is a fun way to brighten your week at work. 

I really hope this helps those of you who emailed me to ask me about my favourite nude polishes. On Wednesday I will showcase my favourite hand creams I use (at work and home) 

How was your weekend ?


  1. These are great nail polish looks for work. Love these!

  2. Wow... Thanks so much for this post. I can't wear bright colours to work.. So these give me a few choices for work now !! Again thanks so much Lynette !!!

    1. Glad you could find it useful Roxanne .

  3. I have to agree... All of them are pefect for work ! Yeah !! So many choices.

    1. Glad you found it helpful Rocher.

  4. Totally agree ... Gorgeous nudes for work !!

  5. Thanks for sharing.. This is really helpful.. And thanks so much for answering my request on this.. So looking forward to the other posts too ! *CINDY*

    1. It's a pleasure Cindy . The handcreams post will be up tomorrow. xxx

  6. I love this kind of post :) and today i was thinking how much i adore your blog!! so cute! even though I don't wear them much, i am a fan of nude polishes and I think Essence does them right, what are your thoughts on this brand as far as nude?

    Can't wait for you to get in my challange! ;)

    1. Thanks so much hun. I love Essence polishes, but for some reason their nude polishes never dries on me (even with Seche Vite )

  7. These are lovely. I have a nude in sally hansen and I love it. Would love to try the tip top one on your nails. That looks great on you.

    1. The Tip Top one surprised me too . xxx

  8. they are all beautiful. especially for work. I heart


    1. Thanks hun. Glad you like the post.

  9. Thanks for sharing this nude polishes with us!
    I'd love to have OPI My Vampire is Buff in my nail polish collection!
    I've heard soo much about that polish ;)

    Xx julia

    1. Thanks so much Julia. Yes... I hope you get my Vampire is buff , it will look amazing on you. xxx