Monday, 13 January 2014

Hearts and Kisses Mani

Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine wasn't the best of weekends, for once I was glad for it to be Monday.

Moving on to my nails, I got another fun mani to share with you today using some more Born Pretty Store water decals.  This time I used some fun kisses and heart inspired mani using THESE cute water decals. The design I'm showing today used the YB-001 set . 

The decals are so easy to use and the designs are really fantastic. I love the impressive detail in the water decals, something I would never be able to draw by hand . This design will really be PERFECT for Valentines day too. 

Here's how they work - 
  1. First take of the little plastic film from the decals .
  2. Simply cut out the design you love .
  3. Get a glass of room temperature water .
  4. Taking a pair of tweezers, lightly the design in the water .
  5. Leave it there for about 10 - 20 seconds and then using the tweezers take them out 
  6. Gently slide the white backing off .
  7. Using the tweezers gentle place them on the nail 
  8. Give it a few seconds so the water dries completely .. you can even blot it with a tissue to speed it up. 
  9. Topcoat and VOILA... Gorgeous nail art . 
Here's the mani I created using some kisses and heart decals  -

The polishes I used for this mani was - 
Essence Hallo Marshmallow , Essence As Long as You Love Me (From their Justin Bieber collection) and Miss Signature Special Effect Glitter in Drama . 

The Born Pretty store stocks tons of gorgeous water decals , so there will be one to suit every taste and occasion. I love how easy to use they are , and take virtually no effort at all to have gorgeous nail art. 

If you visit the Born Pretty Store and see something you like, why not use my coupon code for 10% off your order ... 

How was YOUR weekend ?? Do you like girly heart and kisses  ??
*The product was provided for me for review but any opinions about the product/s are my own*


  1. this is so cute Lynn! the base is perfect, a friend of mine owns this color and i looove it! i also adore the accent nails, the grey base matches so nicely with the oh so pretty multi colored stripes

    1. Thanks so much Ghila. Really glad you like the nails. The Essence Hallo Marsmellow is such a gorgeous colour isn't it?

  2. Sorry your week-end wasn't great. Love the nails though, the designs are adorable!


    1. Thanks so much. Hope your week wasnt too bad.

  3. These would be perfect for a fun valentines day manicure. Thank you for the tutorial. I will definitely check this website out as I am really looking to buy new nail art goodies.

    1. You need some fun nail art goodies !

  4. I really looove how sweet and girly this looks !! Amazing !!

  5. I really like these.. Looking for something funky for Valentinesday so yes as you said this mani would be so easy to do with those decals...



  7. Really gorgeous ! Def ordering some too since my skills suck !

  8. Gosh this looks beautiful. Great colours combo