Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wise up on Beauty Treatments!

Wise up on beauty! 

Hi guys !

Don't you just hate booking an appointment at a salon for a treatment and then being completely let down  by it ?? Then you'll love the Pretty Smart website.. Were YOU can rate and review salons you have been too , or first read up on a salon you might be interested in going to and read what other ladies have said about it before spending your hard earned money. They even have a top rated Salon section , were you can see which salons in your area is the cream of the crop , and which salons to stay VERY far away from.

The site will even be able to help you before booking treatments for a friend or mom where you can look up great deals in THEIR area.. How awesome is that ?? 

What Pretty Smart offers on their site : 

They list salons , spa's nail bars and aesthetic clinics. They list their telephone number, address and price-list.. And if they offer specials that too ! 

They have a easy to navigate site where you can search for a salon in your area or via the treatment you are looking for.  As easy as that !!

If you have been to any salons lately and had a good (or even a bad ) experience, you should pop into their website and write a little review.

They’ve got a great incentive for you to submit your reviews: PrettySmart gives away a R500 spa voucher to one reviewer every week, so it’s definitely worthwhile submitting your review (not to mention how you can help others making their choice of which spa or salon to visit.) 

Some more interesting beauty facts  from their Press Release :
Unlike the UK, Australia and the USA, South Africa has no laws which specifically govern the beauty salons*.  This makes the salon and spa industry the least-legislated industry in the country.  With no laws regulating the ownership, training, equipment or hygiene standards, how safe are our beauty salons?   Particularly considering the increasing use of lasers and chemicals.   Some independent governing bodies such as the S.A. SPA  Association make a considerable effort to maintain high standards in the beauty industry but as with any self-governing body, compliance with their guidelines is voluntary. 

Risks arent only limited to specialised treatments; skin, nail and eye infections are easily transmitted by towels, nail files or tweezers which arent properly sterilised after every client.  Many people assume they have picked up athletes foot or a toe-nail infection in the gym but are far more likely to have been infected by a dirty foot-spa or nail file used during a pedicure.  The tabloid media went crazy when Paula Abdul sued her celebrity nail salon  some years ago for a fungal infection that she picked up there from an unsanitised nail file.  And more recently Tyra Banks interviewed some guests on her show who had contracted a nasty bacterial skin infection after a fish pedicure.  

Despite being ignored by legislation, the salon and spa industry is a huge employment sector for women in South Africa and one of the few sectors where women are the majority of the workforce.  Most beauty salons are women-owned small businesses and deserve our support.  Amongst the bigger chains, female employees are in the majority.  There are other success stories such as the Mangwanani Spa Group which offers their own training and development for previously disadvantaged women, rather than employing qualified therapists.  Mangwanani now employs over 800 people of which 95% are previously disadvantaged**  
*Occupational Health and Safety Act   85 of 1993, Amended 181 of 1993.  Available here:
(The beauty industry falls under widely … laws such as the Although this act was more likely to have been written to protect the public and employees in industries where heavy machinery is used, Sections 9 and 10 of the act are general enough to cover the beauty industry and legislate that persons … are not exposed to hazards” and that articles and substances are … safe and without risks to health when properly used.)
**Mangwani website

So pop into the site , and get reviewing !



  1. wise name of the site and very interesting about the legal facts of SA salons.

    1. Yes. I think its a brilliant idea to know what places are worth the money and which one's arent.

    2. o wow ! Didnt know that, will write a review on my favourite place soon.

  2. Wow very imformative. Was thinking of taking my mom somewhere special for Mothersday and now I will check out to make sure its worth it.