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Lilac Skittlette

Hi guys ! Hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend and had tons of chocolate eggs and bunnies. :)  My week has been super busy ... And getting a new carpet in Alex's room today so looking forward to see the end results. 

Today I'm sharing the gorgeous mani I did when my Aunt graduated and received her Bachelor of Education with Honours earlier this month. I did post a little sneak peek on the day HERE on Instagram too. 

I really loved the stamping so much, I might do a full stamping mani in the future. But onto the nails - 

For the mani I used :
Pinky - China Glaze Glistening Snow
Ring - Tip Top Black Forest stamped with China Glaze Adore (And my MoYou plate)
Middle, Pointer and thumb - Avon Nail Wear Pro Loving Lavender

I loved that this mani was girly and classy at the same time . 

How has your week been so far ?


  1. STUNNING! Yes stamp more

  2. i love the lilac color, so sweet, and i also like this stamped design style. would love to see the results of your house renewing efforts

    1. Thanks Ghila. I will be posting photos of it soon when I'm a little better, been down with a cold and horrible toothache all week.

  3. Love the girly designs like these. Sooo pretty.

  4. Stunning !! *CINDY*

  5. Beautiful! Please do a full stamping manicure :) Loren xxx

    1. Thanks so much Loren. Will def be doing a full stamping mani soon.

  6. It looks absolutely gorgeous! love it


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