Thursday, 17 April 2014

Marc Anthony Grunge Hair

grunge hair

We love what we see on the runways for this season; the austere lines give so many options for hair! We are entranced by both the dark femme fatale and the new grunge girl.  Messy polished. Our muses for this season: a legendary young Catherine Deneuve and infamous Courtney Love.
The trick is getting the perfect set with an ‘I don’t care’ finish.  The size of the curling iron is important; the larger the iron the more sophisticated the look. Hair should be left less than perfect to keep it current.


Set’ the look… We like to use a tiny bit of Dream Waves Beach Spray (R129.99) as a setting lotion. Once hair is dry, take the correct size of iron and begin to ‘set’ the hair. Roll it up into the iron and once warm ‘slide’ the iron out carefully (leaving the roll in place) and pin it into place.
Dream waves beach spray
Mix it up… Don’t match the size of each section. Curling differently sized sections of hair creates a modern type of movement.  Big and loose sections are important to getting a natural sense of sexy. Once done, let it cool and before removing the pins give it a light spray with Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray(R139.95).
Volume Shine Hairspray
Fingers for grunge. Brush for glam… Remove the pins and add a bit of Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment(R114.95) to your fingertips. Flip hair over and comb through with your fingertips. The oil keeps the hair full of shine and helps to resist tangles. Flip back and take a look. Leaving it like this creates a modern day grunge that is a bit more polished than back in the day, while brushing it out makes it all modern, glam fatale girl.
Oil of Morroco Argan Oil Treatment
 Marc Anthony products are available nationwide from Dis-Chem stores and selected Pick n Pay & Checkers stores


  1. I want to have grunge hair, too!
    But I always end up with ringlet curls. :-/
    Btw, I am having an international beauty giveaway on my blog that I would love for you to participate, if you'd like!
    Oooh, I love the wedges! I'm thinking of getting a pair for Spring, too. :-)

    1. Thanks will def check it out . xxx

  2. i guess i may like this you are defenetly improving your blog to the next step and opening it up to not only nail related stuff. good job, i like that! xoxo

  3. I have always wanted to try this brand!

    1. Me too ! Bought some this weekend to try out. xxx

  4. I've always wanted to try these products and now I am totally sold on them - thanks Lynette :) xxx

    1. They are really fantastic products . :)