Monday, 14 April 2014

Revlon Evening Opulance Collection Nail Polishes

Hi guys . Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was nice and relaxing , just wish it was a little longer. 

So today I'm sharing the 4 new Gucci Westman collaboration Evening Opulence shades. These are all perfect for Autumn and Winter season . I have a few other goodies from this collection too that I will be reviewing on here too . 

So onto the swatches of these 4 beauties -

Devine :
Devine is a gorgeous burgundy with flashes of red shimmer throughout . I used two coats in the photo above. I LOVE these types of colours especially for the colder seasons.
Elusive :
I was, naturally, most excited to try the glitter polish in this collection, Elusive. It looked to-die-for in the bottle. Deep teal glitters in a black base? Yes, please! It’s like staring into a teal-starred galaxy. I used two coats in the photos above. It does dry a little matte, so I did use top coat in the photos above .
Rich :
Rich is a gorgeous metallic shimmer grey-green colour. For me this colour is just PERFECTION ! I can't even tell you how much I wore this since I got this beauty . I used two coats in the photos above. 
Seductive :
This is a gorgeous purple merlot colour that looks nearly black. I was actually surprised about how much I liked this colour on the nail, it's really stunning.  This is a jelly finish nail polish, so for this one I needed to use three coats . 

All these gorgeous polishes are available now from Revlon counters. I would without a doubt recommend Rich and Elusive, these are hands down my favourite from this collection.

Which one of these shades stood out to you ?? 

                                                            *This product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*


  1. they all look classy and high standards, very luxury ones, great for an uptown middleaged lady's style to match with jewlery. elusive and seductive are certainly my favourites and i'd like to give them a little try. last one has the perfect name for the job the color makes.

  2. Divine so beautiful. A MUST have. Guess wat is on top of my shopping list today. Sandy

  3. I love Seductive ... Wow !!! So .. lol seductive ;P

  4. Have to agree, Rich is GORGEOUS !

  5. Devine and Elusive.. WOw enough said !

  6. Long time, no talk! I love this blog for the latest nail trends. Lol. I'm really curious about "Seductive," it looks like it might be a purpler version of Lippmann's "Let it Bleed."

    Chic and Alluring Blog

    1. Yes, I got caught up again with your latests posts this morning.. Was so busy with the re-decorating I neglected reading blogs. Thanks so much for the compliment . I had to look up the Lipmann polish .. it looks like a purple version of it for sure.

  7. They're all beautiful and perfect for the colder months! I definitely want to try Elusive! :)

  8. Oh wow these colours are gorgeous. i think the only one i'm not mad about is Elusive. LOVE the other 3!

    1. Hee hee hee . I guess everyone cant all love the same colours. But the other three are gorgeous

  9. Elusive is amazing! I wonder how it would look on my nails!
    You have a lovely blog! Following you :)

    Escaping through Ink