Sunday, 13 April 2014

Wechsler opens up a world of luxury Knock, Knock…. Open Sesame!

Hi guys ! Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. As I mentioned in my post last week, I'm currently re-decorating around the home, and since I got some of these awesome door knobs for some of the rooms, I decided to share them on the blog too. 
If you are wondering which ones I got  - I used the button design for the dresser in Alex's room I redid, and I got some pink glass knobs to use in my room to hang jewellery . These are really gorgeous ! (The press release een included a few other fun ideas to use them )
New Wechsler introduces Fired Earth Door Knobs and Hooks exclusive to Builders Warehouse.


Add some luxury to your décor with Fired Earth Door Knobs. These door knobs can be used to jazz up an old dresser and take a drab bedroom door to fab in a few minutes!
Fired Earth Door Knobs are available in an array of styles, finished, textures and colours. What ever your décor style, we have a door knob for you. Prices Starting From : R114.99

Door knobs are not only functional items but can be used in many craft ideas
Here are a few examples :

To hang Jewellery

Decorative Wine Stoppers

Hooks for bags and towels
Curtain Holders

Stockist details : Fired Earth Door Knob and Hooks are exclusively available at selected Builders Warehouse

Importer details : New Wechsler Kate Oakley – 011 445 3393



  1. i really like it when you talk about non nails related stuff and about what's going on in your life. these knobs are super cute and fun, i adore the one you picked for Alex and the red and yellow too. i also love when you get all creative and ready to work in manly stuff haha!! wine stoppers and hangers are awesome ideas.

    1. Thanks Ghila. I LOVE the ones I got too . Really stunning pieces.

  2. Hello Lynette !

    It's a so nice idea, between two polishes, to share with us these so beautiful "Fired Earth Door Knob and Hooks". And the ideas to use them are really so interesting.
    Badly, we haven't Builders Warehouse in France (deep sorry sigh).


    1. Thanks so much Claire. Hopefully these still gae you some fun ideas to try though.

  3. wow absolutely creative knocks !! love them all


  4. These are super cute and a great creative touch to the house:-)

  5. Wow .. I love the idea of making a pretty wine stopper !! That's so unique !! And the jewelery hanging idea is the bomb too !!

    1. Yes, that's exactly why I got some to hang my jewelery on.

  6. Ohhhh...I love the idea of using doorknobs to create jewelry holders!
    Chic and Alluring Blog

    1. Yes, it's a pretty fun and unique idea isnt it ?